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Science Exchange is the leading marketplace for scientific research. Our mission is to enable breakthrough scientific discoveries by providing researchers with easy access to the world’s best service providers.

We've built a talented and dedicated team. Our team includes developers, designers, marketers, and most importantly, scientists. Interested in helping us transform research? Click here to view open positions.

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Elizabeth Iorns

- Co-Founder & CEO

Elizabeth conceived the idea for Science Exchange while an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She drives the company's vision, strategy, and growth, and is passionate about creating a new way to foster collaboration that will democratize access to expertise and accelerate the speed of scientific discovery. She completed her Ph.D. in breastcancer biology at the Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.

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Dan Knox

- Co-Founder & COO

Dan is the ultimate startup generalist. He is a trained lawyer, former economist, self-taught hacker, junior data scientist and "business guy" (i.e. has an MBA). Dan is most proud of his role building the Science Exchange team and culture.

Becca 0e0672016a2079d8a219bcd2e2b5d46d99db8671441c005aac8815764bff6f45

Becca Swett

- VP, Product

Becca leads product and design at Science Exchange. Becca has a Mathematical and Computational Science degree from Stanford and continued her technical education working at Microsoft on PowerPoint. Before coming to Science Exchange, she launched SurveyMonkey Enterprise and WePay Canada. Becca is passionate about using computer science to accelerate scientific research.

Drea 8d2110896338d140cc2f8135dcf2229d23cb77bfc43cd07a26e44b24f24ca750

Drea Thomas

- VP, Engineering

Drea combines his software engineering and startup experience with his first love - science. Before being seduced by startup life, Drea was working on a PhD in atmospheric physics and worked in labs at JPL, MIT, and IBM. He has held senior software engineering management roles at SnapLogic, Oracle, and Openwave and is excited to help scale the engineering team and make the marketplace even better.

Keith 5db7ea0d8eb6dedb131af47c121140a81814c12f501d314dad593b17e792ba05

Keith Osiewicz

- VP, Marketing

Keith leads Science Exchange's digital marketing efforts. Keith has worked in the life science industry for over 15 years as a scientist, manager, and digital strategist. Before coming to Science Exchange, he built the digital marketing operations at AB SCIEX, a leading life science equipment manufacturer. He is excited to help scientists collaborate in new ways.

Omid b7e6ee03bcc6ee19b996e985c50660ff271e1cceda17cde297c7c9dd1c65d273

Omid Karkouti

- VP, Sales

Omid Karkouti has worked in the Life Sciences field for over 10 years, first as a research virologist and later as a sales professional. Prior to joining Science Exchange, Omid supplied laboratory products to growing Bay Area biotechnology companies and most recently executed the United States expansion and global go-to-market strategy for a Chinese contract research organization.

Thu 11810fc05952c7062e092f9b05548f760eae18950bd739011ffd9c7facf47665

Thu Nguyen

- VP, Customer Success

Thu brings 20 years of leadership experience building teams with focus on exemplary customer experience as a key driver to accelerate business growth. She has a degree in Molecular Genetics from UC Berkeley and a passion for delivering awesome customer service. She's excited to build the best-in-class experience to empower scientists with an efficient platform to collaborate and advance their research.

Andrew 438b429349cf146544415cbdb5debb17b90bb3992f5c6de80ac671e50cb81e0e

Andrew Gutierrez

- Director, Contracts & Compliance

Andrew is passionate about science and doing anything he can to move science forward. He previously worked at SRI International managing a variety of domestic and international research and fee for service agreements in addition to negotiating standard agreements such as MTA, MSA & CDA. He holds a B.S. from Cal Poly Pomona in Finance, Real Estate, & Law, with an emphasis in Contract Management. He also holds the designation of Certified Federal Contracts Manager. His spare time is spent with his wife and their Labradoodle, Kennedy.

Nicole 08ea2121bfb7250dd8f30d8b860e7f8f85fac9b59ae92db673cd498843a412dd

Nicole Perfito

- Director, Sourcing

Nicole leads the efforts of the sourcing team to help make scientific research more efficient. She comes to the team with 10+ years of research experience at Cal, Princeton, UW, and the Max Planck Institute in Germany. She has been a key member of the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology, which seeks to address growing concerns about reproducibility in scientific research. She completed her Ph.D. in biology at the University of Washington.

Norna c3d097927b09cc5c81322f35c50641f999848e6310f31f5c39dbc84e5748449f

Norna Cash

- Director, Finance

Norna’s finance background spans large companies as well as startups with an emphasis in the order to cash cycle. Her experience is operational scaling to meet business needs in the entertainment industry with Electronic Arts and Sony as well as the security industry with Google and Symantec and most recently business process consulting to achieve efficiency. Her passion is building process efficiency through automation and defined structure.

Greg 45458ab1f7bc385345c671c192b08a2353f68bf13ead56c2abdb448ff7cd7402

Greg Slepnyov

- Sales

Greg comes to Science Exchange with industry experience. Graduating with a bachelors in Legal Studies, he has a passion for working with people and has been in the sales arena for 10 years. In his spare time, he enjoys learning and exploring the historical wonders of the Bay Area.

Nikita c402ae6efef719b2043b4819e666d625e432f5419c5e4152b3115ac87a6f40a7

Nikita Patel

- Sales

After receiving her bachelor's in Biology from the University of San Diego, Nikita left the lab to become the Business Development Manager at Absorption Systems, providing preclinical support for the discovery and development of small molecules and biologics. She comes to Science Exchange after noticing a disconnect between scientists being able to identify reputable providers and is now committed to bridging the gap. Though she is a San Francisco native, she enjoys living three blocks from the beach in San Diego.

Kaitlin 28d9dad3155ff86d33a2efe960dca43d6b4790c34e40089b4edf161283f9319c

Kaitlin Leary

- Customer Success

Kaitlin comes to us from Madison, WI, where she has experience in both pre-clinical and commercial pharmaceutical development. At the University of Wisconsin, she studied Nutritional Sciences and worked in a Vitamin A research lab where she analyzed different strains of maize for various dietary carotenoids using HPLC. In her free time she enjoys playing with her cat Walter, snowboarding, and practicing yoga.

Lissa 853be256473326bcdaf38bf2fbb13f54822151450147b3d434f5a393a071e582

Melissa Songpitak

- Customer Success

Melissa (aka. Lissa) loves science and research. As an undergrad, she was involved with multiple basic science research projects and experienced firsthand how inefficient research can be. She joined Science Exchange because she believes in our mission to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research. She hopes to enhance our lab admins' experience by being her usual friendly, resourceful self. Melissa is a proud graduate of St. Olaf College.

Paul 9e6fcac0de9cea5f69090cdec28a8e4f83a9ddf9cfdf91066651bd60b6357df8

Luke Keffer

- Customer Success

After graduating from Boston College with an undergrad degree in biology, Luke came to Science Exchange with a passion for expediting the pace of scientific discovery. At Boston College, Luke competed as a Division I NCAA swimmer and was involved in a variety of research projects focusing on cancer biology, enzyme specificity and the effects of bioactive lipids. In his free time he enjoys exercising, studio art, and playing piano.

Natalie fc81f2a3a9af8d02f5b84e257320ce5ecff51315a5e271811209032d811f7ee9

Natalie Foote

- Customer Success

Natalie comes to Science Exchange with industry experience in Biotechnology Vendor and eCommerce Account management. She has a degree in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz and is excited to dedicate herself to helping acclimate new labs to the Science Exchange Marketplace. In her spare time, she enjoys playing darts and practices martial arts.

Karen bc95967e838db991fa39901d1a268f317755c620113bbec70f671506df2f83bb

Karen Perot Shaff

- Sourcing

Karen holds a degree in Genetics from UC Berkeley and has 18+ years of research experience in molecular and cell biology, virology, pharmacology PK/PD, genome engineering, and more. Before Science Exchange, she worked at UCSF, Chiron Corp., and Pharmacofore, Inc., and Applied StemCell, Inc, where she introduced them to CRISPR technology and sold customized genetically modified model services to biopharma and academic institutions. When not at work, Karen enjoys hiking with her Corgi, doing beadwork, and watercolor painting.

Risha 8d0c7a1669f41c6e6678e878f5e93daa97da8de3f194463f7ddf7b4d2e03ac37

Risha Shah

- Sourcing

Risha comes to Science Exchange with a passion for accelerating the pace of scientific discovery. Prior to joining the team, she held positions in Scientific Curation at NextBio and in Research Services at Affymetrix. Her experiences in the biotechnology field have provided her with a solid understanding of the importance of scientific collaboration. Risha has a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology complemented by a minor in Bioinformatics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In her free time she enjoys hiking local trails.

Zev 7f000171e2a4a21061066ae27a552538e4f5f73a3eeb5905e57e8f8183df04fa

Zev Wisotsky

- Sourcing

Zev strives to change the overall scientific discovery process by bringing scientists together in new ways. At Science Exchange, he connects researchers and labs to build new opportunities and collaborations to accomplish high quality science. He completed his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of California, Riverside.

Christina daccf4e3f476dc3dcba3370ab8efb98f0429b5b6b7517b6e506870e73cbea270

Christina Cordova

- Office Manager

Christina made the switch to tech after over 10 years working in zoos and natural history museums. A culture enthusiast, amateur entomologist, and passionate wildlife spectator, she loves helping Science Exchange reach its goal of expediting scientific discovery and collaboration. When she's not running the SE office, she enjoys collecting records and block printing in her home studio.

Aleks 65a0d2ee24ea283e11162ef09fb27e36fa22cb4b3c3ba9e91c8f357bee4b8f76

Aleksandar Andelkovic

- Engineering

Aleks is a proud father of a very energetic 4 year old boy. He is currently training to become a branch manager for a satellite Science Exchange branch in Europe. Aleks has a degree in Computer Science and Business Management.

David 079897245f4adf11bced2dbb6da58ce9bff8668cb50cff074c4ba9ddf1763ce4

David Iorns

- Engineering

David has been a software engineer for more than a decade and has worked in a diverse range of industries from logistics to investment banking. In 2014 he founded ScientificProtocols.org, an open access repository for scientific protocols. In his spare time David works on preserving global biodiversity via Genetic Rescue a not-for-profit foundation he created.

John 52247fba2cfacbe95a068cdab5d2af6c6e647152cba03e17a06af60ea8afe822

John Ellis

- Engineering

John spent almost three years traveling around the United States in an Airstream before settling down with Science Exchange. He is a self-taught software engineer with a background in graphic design and photography, and studies astronomy, cosmology, and physics as a hobby.

Michael 25fae62dcd64788ff32ef08a42674e2bd4021befea2d7b0d817352d6da476d0b

Michael Kompanets

- Engineering

Michael worked as a bioinformatician and a database engineer in the biotech industry. His job was to build process-tracking applications for product development as well as service-oriented applications for order management and electronic invoicing. Michael has a degree in Biochemistry from University of Minnesota.

Ross 865eec21654f0d8941ebafcc8802ee5f0231cda2ac5419f1f41ad61b856d5115

Ross Chapman

- Engineering

Ross is a self-taught programmer who joined Science Exchange from Zendesk where he spent nearly 4 years building the corporate online presence for the marketing team. Ross has a degree in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University and previously worked in organic food, community organizing, and small business development. In addition, he absolutely loves his jogger pants.

Sara 95743c642fb64cbeb861cf55956cb0166ad53122ef3450c3bdce06fa896efdc4

Sara Gilford

- Engineering

Before starting her career in software engineering at Science Exchange, Sara spent four years in digital journalism covering politics, pop culture, and all things sharks. She has a degree in American Studies from Barnard College.

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