About Science Exchange

Science Exchange is a marketplace for scientific collaboration, where researchers can order experiments from the world's best labs. Our mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research by using market-based incentives to promote collaboration between scientists.

We've built a talented and dedicated team. Our team includes developers, designers, marketers, and most importantly, scientists. Interested in helping us transform research? Click here to view open positions.


Elizabeth Iorns

- Co-Founder & CEO

Elizabeth conceived the idea for Science Exchange while an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She drives the company's vision, strategy, and growth, and is passionate about creating a new way to foster collaboration that will democratize access to expertise and accelerate the speed of scientific discovery. She completed her Ph.D. in breast cancer biology at the Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.


Dan Knox

- Co-Founder & COO

Dan is the ultimate startup generalist. He is a trained lawyer, former economist, self-taught hacker, junior data scientist and "business guy" (i.e. has an MBA). Dan is most proud of his role building the Science Exchange team and culture.


Mennah Moustafa

- Head of Business Development

Mennah heads Science Exchange's business development efforts. She is passionate about using the Science Exchange platform to create high-impact partnerships for customers with complex research needs. Mennah joined Science Exchange from Sigma-Aldrich, where she spent over 10 years leading sales and business development efforts with scientists and executives at top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


Keith Osiewicz

- Head of Digital Marketing

Keith leads Science Exchange's digital marketing efforts. Keith has worked in the life science industry for over 15 years as a scientist, manager, and digital strategist. Before coming to Science Exchange, he built the digital marketing operations at AB SCIEX, a leading life science equipment manufacturer. He is excited to help scientists collaborate in new ways.


Tess Mayall

- Head of People

Tess owns people, organizational and cultural issues at Science Exchange. She is a geologist by training, but also worked closely with Guy Kawasaki to build his online community and fan base. Tess has a M.S. in Geological Sciences from UCSB where she reconstructed Indian monsoon variations during the last 100,000 years.


Ada Kim

- Account Manager

Ada connects researchers and labs through providing our users with technological aspects of procedures by using her experiences in biomedical research, project management, and communication. Her academic training includes Biochemistry with a M.S. in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine from the University of British Columbia, in beautiful Vancouver. Ada is also passionate about engaging the general public in understanding the importance of science.


Conria D'Souza

- Customer Experience

Conria loves the social side of science, particularly facilitating knowledge transfer between researchers and labs through writing, simplifying, and explaining experimental procedures. She uses her natural eye for design to create simple and engaging material including instruction manuals, graphs, charts and other supporting documents for our users. Conria is a proud graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Biochemistry.


Melissa Songpitak

- Laboratory Experience

Melissa (aka. Lissa) loves science and research. As an undergrad, she was involved with multiple basic science research projects and experienced firsthand how inefficient research can be. She joined Science Exchange because she believes in our mission to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research. She hopes to enhance our lab admins' experience by being her usual friendly, resourceful self. Melissa is a proud graduate of St. Olaf College.


Fraser Tan

- Science Solutions

Fraser helps researchers in their search and management of scientific service requests. She also leads ontology development and research content on the Science Exchange platform. She previously worked in Marketing and Development at BenchWise.org, and completed her Ph.D. and postdoctoral studies in developmental biology at Stanford University.


Joelle Lomax

- Science Solutions

Joelle is a passionate advocate for the Science Exchange platform and the ways it can support validation and reproducibility. She helps to develop and manage large-scale projects and partnerships that seek to increase the transparency and efficiency of scientific research. Joelle completed her Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Prior to that, she developed her scientific communication skills as a Teach for America corps member teaching middle school science in the Bay Area.


Nicole Perfito

- Science Solutions

Nicole comes to the Science Solutions team with 10+ years of experience as a graduate student and postdoc designing experiments and analyzing data at Cal, Princeton, UW, and the Max Planck Institute in Germany. She is passionate about using the platform to address reproducibility and to make research more efficient by fostering collaboration. She completed her Ph.D. in biology at the University of Washington.


Yen Nguyen

- Finance/Operations

Yen is responsible for all financial and office operational functions at Science Exchange. She has over seven years experience in the Biotechnology and Pharma industries and, although she has experience with both mid-size and publicly traded companies, her heart lies with the fast moving pace and innovation that occurs in the startup world. Yen earned her bachelor’s in accounting at California State University.


Poyi Chen

- Design

Poyi leads the user experience and user interface design of Science Exchange. He has an art & design background from University of California, Berkeley, and previously worked with several Silicon Valley startups, leading their design directions.


Becca Swett

- Product

Becca joined Science Exchange eager to put her product chops to work bringing efficiency to scientific research. She previously launched SurveyMonkey Enterprise and WePay Canada. She has a degree from Stanford in Mathematical & Computational Science and enjoys cooking and home improvement in her spare time.


David Iorns

- Software Engineer

David has been a software engineer for more than a decade and has worked in a diverse range of industries from logistics to investment banking. In 2014 he founded ScientificProtocols.org an open access repository for scientific protocols. In his spare time David pursues his dream of moa de-extinction via the Bring Back Moa Campaign.


Michael Kompanets

- Software Engineer

Michael worked as a bioinformatician and a database engineer in the biotech industry. His job was to build process-tracking applications for product development as well as service-oriented applications for order management and electronic invoicing. Michael has a degree in Biochemistry from University of Minnesota.


Mike Fotinakis

- Software Engineer

Mike joined Science Exchange from Google where he built highly-scalable infrastructure and tools for the global web team. He has a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Systems from Utah State University. In his spare time, Mike is a classical singer in a choral ensemble in San Jose.


Dmitry Golyshev

- Software Engineer

Prior to joining Science Exchange Dmitry was building analytical tools and data infrastructure for San Francisco startups. He has degrees in Computer Science and Finance as well as experience in machine learning.


Ross Chapman

- UI Engineer

Ross is a self-taught programmer who joined Science Exchange from Zendesk where he spent nearly 4 years building the corporate online presence for the marketing team. Ross has a degree in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University and previously worked in organic food, community organizing, and small business development. In addition, he absolutely loves his jogger pants.


Satyan Pai

- Software Engineer

Satyan comes to Science Exchange after working seven years at Genentech, where he spent most of his career as a formulation scientist. He has a degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on Computational Biology from Carnegie Mellon University and is passionate about working at the intersection of science and technology.


William Wilson

- Software Engineer

Before coming to Science Exchange, William worked at Impel developing his Ember mojo. William has a degree in University Scholars from Baylor University. He enjoys fixing Javascript spaghetti code, drinking coffee, and building fun and easy web experiences.

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Science Exchange is supported by Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and an amazing cast of seed and angel investors. We participated in the Y Combinator startup program during Summer 2011.


Seed and Angel Investors

Science Exchange is also supported by a16z seed, Collaborative Fund, Crosslink Seed Fund, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Windham Venture Partners, Steve Case, Yuri Milner, Ash Patel, Esther Dyson, DJ Patil, Jeff Hammerbacher, Kal Vepuri, Maynard Webb, Ellen Levy, Sam Altman, Rob Hutter, Lisa Gansky, Joshua Schachter and others.

The Lab Advisory Board is a group of scientific service providers who use Science Exchange and are dedicated to improving the efficiency of scientific research. The Lab Advisory Board contributes to our direction by providing feedback on new and existing features, scientific advice, and input on partnerships and initiatives.

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Our office is located in downtown Palo Alto, California. Click here or the map below to get directions.


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