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We are the leading marketplace for scientific research. We exist to make scientific research faster, more effective, and more accessible to researchers everywhere.

Our Story.

When we founded Science Exchange in 2011, we set out to democratize access to the world’s scientific expertise, in order to move the research world forward at a faster pace. Our mission, then and now, is to enable breakthrough scientific discoveries by making it easy for researchers to access the world’s leading scientific service providers and most innovative scientific technologies. To date, Science Exchange has helped tens of thousands of researchers from every scientific discipline imaginable, from Agrologists through to Zymologists, move their research, and by extension humanity, forward… and we’re just getting started.

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Co-founder & CEO

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Co-founder & COO


  • Elizabeth c76690c78eb83d4667103862fb8df6fe1a9a37fb22199f27fc0176486c943602 Elizabeth Iorns
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Dan eb4106dcf89dff4d192cfe19f3b1cd284b3fd8823e28e401cca0dea0b3a88ce5 Dan Knox
    Co-founder & COO
  • Becca e872b236cf16fe312d9b8efb0f7df2f6115a25ec53dcf3039a904ed408f652c8 Becca Swett
    VP, Product
  • Cliff 864e675fd724f0079d19d9419dfffcb20ab7f74ad59e5e60e96f82db80e7777f Cliff Culver
    VP, Strategy & GM, Boston
  • Drea 5036222eedc74c495e0607990f8e67daa1cb0eb0ee1f956e1a5051b9d0ff3bbc Drea Thomas
    VP, Engineering
  • Keith dfbfeccffebc07ab45c23984cb463ec94e3df927c3826b45ad94481d7dc6bc59 Keith Osiewicz
    VP, Marketing
  • Omid d3b106c61f86292988b774c8b432a7b7c78073009a7b340102afaac5fb212e0b Omid Karkouti
    VP, Sales
  • Thu e37ab1e462bf36655c722b82b235d6d29ce4d8a10e23addb140ae8646b685731 Thu Nguyen
    VP, Customer Success
  • Andrew 498019858f259ac4417e2059ca40b6e919c4729d0241b9eee7cd1193ea3ead97 Andrew Gutierrez
    Director, Contracts & Compliance
  • Nicole f7e5ea3f26b621c630fad54e7e658f5f89b78fa5aec51dc3fd92e2b2fce3743f Nicole Perfito
    Director, Sourcing
  • Norna 2a1fe38539493b4f1253a2caea614d11208705769f199bc2d17878f818f79ed4 Norna Cash
    Director, Finance
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Board of Directors.


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