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Hantz Fevry

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Manager - Caribbean and Services CMS-HAITI Jun 2009 - Dec 2009
President & CEO - I.Trade International

I.Trade International Trade Ltd.

We ensure that essential services, like energy and access to emergency support are accessible and affordable – for everyone.

I.Trade International Trade Ltd. is a limited Corporation in Haiti with a legal permit in Hong Kong and USA to facilitate partnership with other technological companies in Asia and North America.

We are in the Technological sector and the Security Industry. We believe that Technology can bring Security and Peace of Mind to society.

Our mission is to improve life by introducing energy and emergency warning technology to make people feel safer.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel! We work together with companies that want to introduce their innovative technological products/services in the Caribbean.

The crime rate continues to increase in most of the countries in the Caribbean and even in countries where violence rates are low. Data shows that some infrastructure services contribute to the well-being, the safety and the peace of mind of the citizens.

Two key services that help with security are:

1) Access to emergency services

2) Access to reliable electricity. Respondents have identified the lack of electricity as one of the key factors that help promote violence.

The introduction of reliable and affordable energy and emergency alert technologies will bring greater peace of mind and security to people of the Caribbean

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