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Suzanne Ankerstjerne

Lab Manager - SIPERG Stable Isotope Lab
Ames Iowa, US

Position - Company  
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant - Iowa State University

•Physical Geology (Geol 100 – The Earth)
•Environmental Science for Engineers (Geol 201)
•Geomorphology & Surficial Processes (Geol 479/579)

Teaching Lab Coordinator
(Spring ’09, Fall ’09, Spring ’10, Fall ’10)
•Supervised Geology 100 & Geology 201 teaching assistants.
•Organized and maintained laboratory and teaching supplies.

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Aug 2008 - Dec 2010
Lab Manager - SIPERG Stable Isotope Lab Iowa State University

I am the lab manager for the Stable Isotope Laboratory in the geology department. My duties include coordinating and scheduling activities within the lab and maintaining the resources necessary to complete quality stable isotope measurements. I enjoy working with students, Iowa State faculty, and other scientists to obtain quality data.

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Jan 2011 - Present
Degree - University  
Master of Science (M.S.), Geology - Iowa State University 2008 - 2010
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Geology - Vanderbilt University 1997 - 2001
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