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Ruth Plathe

Scientific Support Officer - Australian Synchrotron

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Tutor - Home Tutor Professionals

Physics and Maths tutoring up to a University level
Usually in the students home

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Jan 2006 - Jan 2007
Field Security Technician Engineer - Royal Eagle

In addition to part-time PhD work
Customer Service
CCTV technologies
Rigorous Occupational Health and Safety
Open Cabling License

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2003 - 2004
Scientific Support Officer - Australian Synchrotron

Protein Crystallography Beamline
Commissioning phase:
Assited in the realisation of the protein crystallography beamlines to meet the objectives of the national science case
Participated in beamline commissioning with x-rays
Acted as beamline contact person for interaction with the controls and technical groups
Primary contact for users during user commissioning
Produced documentation and protocols for the beamline
Helped with the assembly and offline commissioning of beamline components
Operations phase:
Developed a good understanding of relevant techniques and equipment - sole commissioning of robot for MX2
Support, assist and train users in the effective use of the facilites
Procure, maintain and troubleshoot equipment as required
Contribute to the scientific output of the beamline

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Dec 2006 - Present
Degree - University  
PhD, Laser Physics - Swinburne University of Technology

experimental work has been completed, thesis not completed due to supervisor ill-health, title:
Energy level processes in Erbium and Ytterbium doped Fluorozirconate
The project involved research into the structure and properties of rare-earth doped glass materials. Unusually high rare-earth doping concentrations, around an order of magnitude greater than in most crystal hosts and fibre lasers, were investigated using spectroscopic techniques. Laser systems used include a Spectra Physics Mopo (a high power, short pulse optical parametric oscillator that includes a frequency tripled pump YAG laser), a Ti:Sapphire and various laser diodes systems with different mounting techniques. A Carey5E was used for absorption/transmission investigations.
Skills included:
Technical Writing (thesis and papers)
Computer interfacing with experimental project
Data acquisition using various techniques
Detailed analysis and modelling of data
Ordering equipment
Construction of small devices

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1999 - 2004
Bachelor's degree (Honours), Optoelectronics - Victoria University 1995 - 1999
Honours, Laser Physics - The University of Melbourne

Completed Honours year project in the laboratories in the School of Physics Optics Group. Project included the construction and use of a laser (@780nm) for laser cooling and pump/probe activities.

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1998 - 1998
B.Sc. Hons, Optoelectronics - Victoria University of Technology

Completed requirements for DEETYA "Train the trainer" certificate.

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1995 - 1998
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