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Daniel Korostyshevsky

Staff Scientist - Princeton University

Position - Company  
Histologist - Johnson & Johnson

Performed RNA Extraction from mouse and human skin explants.
Homogenized skin explants for sample preservation
Microscopy image acquisition of prestained skin samples
Micro array analysis of RNA samples for quality assurance.
Sample cataloguing and organization of skin samples.
Histological measurements of dermal and epidermal layers in stained slides

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Oct 2007 - Jan 2008
Histologist - Kaztronix LLC

Provided histological images for aging and wound healing projects

RNA Extraction
Tissue Homogenization
Genomic RNA Extraction
Image acquisition Micro array
Sample cataloguing
Histological measurements
Skin histology

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Oct 2007 - Jan 2008
Temporary research assistant - Rutgers University

Examined chromatin silencing at the MAT locus by a cis element that utilizes cohesion

Yeast genetics
Primer design
Yeast culture
Genomic DNA Extraction
Transformation with recombinant DNA
Mutant selection and analysis
Experimental Design Media preparation
DNA sequence analysis
Sight specific mutagenesis
Biochemical Waste Management
Ethidium Bromide gel imaging

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Jun 2007 - Sep 2007
Graduate research associate - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - New Jersey Medical School

Analyzed the mechanism of RAG cleavage and chromatin rearrangement during immune development. Utilized in vitro chromatin analysis techniques, chromatin reconstitution, native and denaturing gel electrophoresis, managed radioactive waste, DNA gel extraction, radiation monitoring.

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Nov 2006 - Feb 2007
Rotation student - Rutgers University 2007 - 2007
Temporary research assistant - Rutgers University

Looked at neuronal cell death caused by an ion pump

C. elegance biology
Mutant selection:
Primer design
Lab maintenance
Biochemical Waste Management
RNAi constructs.
DNA Extraction
PCR Real time fluorescent microscopy
Restriction enzyme analysis
Data Analysis and Presentation
Media Preparation
Bacterial culture maintenance
C. elegance transformation
Restriction mapping
Phase contrast microscopy
E. coli transformation

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Sep 2006 - Nov 2006
Adjunct instructor - City University of New York, Hunter College The City University of New York

Taught molecular genetics lab

Teach two sections of genetics lab
Design quizzes
Grade lab reports
Provide individual tutoring
Assist with experiments Lecture
Work with other instructors.
Assign grades.

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Jan 2006 - Jun 2006
of ecology - City College

Biotech internship
Looked at beetle yeast interactions

Yeast genetics
Beatle- yeast interactions
Field biology
Beatle micro dissection
Primer design Yeast culture maintenance.
Data entry
Species identification
Lab maintenance
Gel electrophoreses

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Jul 2005 - Nov 2005
Undergraduate research assistant - City University of New York, Hunter College The City University of New York

Worked on cell signaling by the PLD protein ( phospholipase D)

Dictyostelium discoideum biology
Cell culture maintenance
Eukaryotic cell transformation
Cell counts.
Mutant analysis
Lab maintenance Radiation survey
Gel electrophoresis
DNA analysis by restriction Enzymes
Phase contrast microscopy
Training of new student in PCR, micropipetting and aseptic technique

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Aug 2004 - Jul 2005
Temporary research assistant - City University of New York, Hunter College The City University of New York

Taught two sections of molecular genetics lab.
Design and graded quizzes and lab reports
Provide individual tutoring and feedback on submitted work.
Troubleshooting of student issues.
Assist with experiments, and led a lecture session and discussion during lab.
Work with other instructors to improve on curriculum.
Assigned grades.

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Jan 2005 - Jun 2005
Intern - Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Student research fellowship program
Helped conduct an immunization survey, assisted the pediatrician in minor procedures.

Assist pediatrician in patient interview
Collect clinical data on immunization
Score surveys
Interact with medical staff/patients Report clinical data
Data interpretation.
Work with patient HER (electronic health record)

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May 2004 - Aug 2004
Staff Scientist - Princeton University

Evolutionary Pharmacology Lab.
I specialize in electron microscopy, molecular biology, biochemistry, and image analysis.

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Aug 2007 - Present
Research specialist 2 - Princeton University

Examining the genetic basis of the response of S. cerevisiae to small molecules.

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Jun 2008 - Present
Degree - University  
MA, Biotechnology - City University of New York, Hunter College The City University of New York 2001 - 2006
Publication Info
Accumulation of an antidepressant in vesiculogenic membranes of yeast cells triggers autophagy. Chen J, Korostyshevsky D, Lee S, Perlstein EO PLoS One. 7(4):e34024. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0034024. April 18, 2012. View on PubMed.
The antidepressant sertraline targets intracellular vesiculogenic membranes in yeast. Rainey MM, Korostyshevsky D, Lee S, Perlstein EO Genetics. 185(4):1221-33. doi: 10.1534/genetics.110.117846. May 10, 2010. View on PubMed.
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