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John Mulligan

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Consultant - OriGene Technologies, Inc

A gene centric life sciences tool company.

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Aug 2010 - Jan 2011
Founder, President and CEO, and then CSO - Blue Heron Biotech, LLC.

Founded the company and served as its chief executive for the first six years. Grew the company from a technology concept to a commercial entity. Raised venture financing, participated in forming strategic alliances, managed the IP strategy (including the response to a patent infringement law suit), and participated in the sale of the company. Co-inventor on major patents, PI on SBIR grants totaling $4 million.

As CSO, led a research group focused on developing technology to reduce the cost of gene synthesis, increase throughput, reduce delivery times and assemble longer genes. The group designed and deployed integrated manufacturing automation, and built a database-controlled manufacturing system.

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Jan 1999 - Aug 2010
Director of Genomics - Darwin Molecular

Recruited and managed a research group focused on discovering new targets for drug development using genetics and genomics. Developed a new approach to target discovery that yielded an osteoporosis drug now showing positive results in Phase II clinical trials at Amgen (AMG 785). Co-inventor on the osteoporosis target patents.

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Jan 1993 - Dec 1998
Research Assistant Professor - Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford University

Co-project leader for a human genome center focused on technology development and sequencing the yeast genome. Worked with Ron Davis and David Botstein (the center directors) to write the grants and set up the first laboratory; managed the sequencing operation jointly with one other project leader. Helped take the group from the first hires and equipment purchases through to the point three years later when it had long-term funding and an effective scientific organization. Helped initiate a technology development project that reduced oligonucleotide synthesis costs several-fold.

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Jan 1991 - Jan 1994
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stanford University

Received a Daymon Runyan-Walter Winchell postdoctoral fellowship for work on Arabidopsis genetics in the laboratory of Ronald W. Davis. Isolated and studied disease-lesion mimic mutations. Made cDNA and genomic libraries which were widely used in the Arabidopsis field.

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Jan 1988 - Jan 1991
Graduate student - Stanford University

Bacterial genetics in the laboratory of Dr. Sharon Long. Discovered and analyzed a network of positively acting transcription factors in the bacterium Rhizobium meliloti that regulate the early stages of the interaction between the bacteria and its plant host.

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Sep 1981 - Dec 1986
Associate Partner - Auxin Partners LLC

Auxin Partners, LLC is a professional services and investment firm. We devise and implement commercialization programs on behalf of institutions and companies developing innovative intellectual property worldwide. Auxin creates tangible monetary value from new ideas through de-risking of technology and evangelically seeking the best possible commercialization vehicles.

Auxin operates as a consortium of seasoned technologists, analysts, business development experts and licensing professionals with the unique skills and contacts needed to monetize technical innovations.

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Sep 2011 - Present
Founder and CEO - Glycostasis, Inc.

Developing a glucose-responsive insulin formulation

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2012 - Present
Associate Partner - Auxin Partners LLC

Turning inventions into revenue.

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2011 - Present
Board Member - OligoCo, Inc.

High-quality, long oligonucleotides at low cost.

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Aug 2010 - Present
Degree - University  
Ph.D., Biology - Stanford University 1981 - 1987
PhD, Biology - Stanford University 1981 - 1987
BS, Biology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975 - 1980
Bachelor of Science, Biology - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975 - 1980
Publication Info
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Specific binding of proteins from Rhizobium meliloti cell-free extracts containing NodD to DNA sequences upstream of inducible nodulation genes. Fisher RF, Egelhoff TT, Mulligan JT, Long SR Genes Dev. 2(3):282-93. March 1988. View on PubMed.
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Mutations affecting regulation of methionine biosynthetic genes isolated by use of met-lac fusions. Mulligan JT, Margolin W, Krueger JH, Walker GC J Bacteriol. 151(2):609-19. August 1982. View on PubMed.
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