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Bill Jackson

Founder and Chief Scientist - Base Pair Biotechnologies
Houston Texas, US

Position - Company  
Chief Engineer and Board Member - Fast Felt Inc. 2004 - 2011
Graduate Student - University of Houston

TA of several undergraduate chemical engineering courses including Unit Ops and Intro to Biochem. Engr. Researcher in the lab of Prof. Richard C. Willson, http://www.chee.uh.edu/faculty/willson/main .

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2001 - 2006
Flight Projects Engineer - Wyle Labs

Engineering design and support for a variety of environmental/analytical chemistry instrumentation aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station

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1999 - 2001
Engineer - Lynntech, Inc.

Engineering support of fuel cell and electrolyzer projects

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1997 - 1999
Senior Scientist - Base Pair Biotechnologies 2011 - Present
Founder and Chief Scientist - Base Pair Biotechnologies

Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. (formerly Ice Nine Biotechnologies) offers rapid discovery of high quality aptamer affinity ligands. Aptamers have been successfully employed in virtually every application where antibodies are typically used. Aptamers have a number of potential advantages over antibodies, however, in a variety of applications. For more information, please visit www.aptamerdiscovery.com.

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Apr 2011 - Present
Senior Scientist - BioTex, Inc.

Responsible for R&D of new molecular diagnostic and molecular biology related technologies. PI on a number of SBIR research grants from agencies such as NIH, NASA, NSF, EPA, and USDA.

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Jan 2004 - Present
Degree - University  
Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - University of Houston

Graduate student in the lab or Dr. Richard C. Willson.


Richard Willson's laboratory works on biomolecular recognition, and its applications in separations and molecular diagnostics.

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2001 - 2006
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, B.A. Spanish - Texas A&M University 1992 - 1998
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