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Sonja Dean

Research Associate - OPKO Health, Inc.

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Research Associate III - Bramen Family Breast Cancer Research Facility University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

- Develop mouse models and SOP for breast cancer research including mammary fat pad xenograft, DICS, and metastasis models.
- Organize, create, and execute experimental design in collaboration with 4 laboratories.
- Perform various mouse survival surgery techniques as well as disease progression observations, necropsy and tissue collection.
- Collect, compile, and present data to lab group.
- Perform and train personnel on various laboratory techniques including tissue culture, molecular biology, PCR, and laboratory management duties.

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Sep 2008 - Oct 2011
Associate Scientist - Biodefense Lab University of New Mexico

- Co-manage team of 4 members.
- Independently direct, organize, and execute contracted projects with a team.
- Assist in development of novel projects with Cowpox Virus mutants and Vaccinia Virus.
- Utilize ELISA, RT-PCR, and Flow Cytometry techniques.
- Proficiency in Xenogen bioimaging, 7000 System SDS Software, Gen5, ViruSpot, Q-count, Microsoft Office, and Prism.

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Nov 2007 - Sep 2008
Research Technician III - Biodefense Lab University of New Mexico

- Organize and execute group projects for a team of 2-8 members.
- Develop and implement SOP documents and experimental protocol for laboratory use.
- Train others in the use of prototypical scientific equipment and unique surgical techniques.
- Regularly cultivate stocks of HSV-I and HSV-II pathogens in a BSL 2 setting for animal infection model development.
- Regularly cultivate stocks of Vaccinia Virus and Cowpox Virus in a BSL 3 setting for animal infection model development.
- Use Mouse, Rabbit, and Guinea Pig models for a broad range of studies of infectious diseases and vaccine development.
- Maintain various tissue culture lines including Vero monkey kidney cells, HuTK-143B carcinoma cells, and A549 carcinoma cells.
- Isolate total, bacterial, and viral DNA and RNA.
- Collect and organize data for reports.
- Properly maintain laboratory equipment.

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Jun 2002 - Nov 2007
Student Laboratory Technician - Biodefense Lab University of New Mexico

- Prepared, assisted, and learned from Laboratory Technicians with all experiments.
- Prepared samples for pathological analysis.
- Attained, demonstrated skills for, and maintained live cells for tissue culture.
- Collected mouse blood samples and baseline protein expression data for a 52 week period.

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Jun 2001 - Jun 2002
Research Associate - OPKO Health, Inc. Oct 2011 - Present
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Bachelor of Science, Biology - University of New Mexico 1997 - 2002
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