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Sriram V

Cancer Biologist - Gilead - Foster City - CA

Position - Company  
Principal Scientist - Merck Research Labs

Preclinical pharmacology lead for MK-3475 (anti-PD1) program
In-vivo pharmacology co-lead for immunotherapeutics

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Apr 2013 - Apr 2014
Associate Principal Scientist - Merck Research Labs

Biologics discovery research - Biology and pharmacology

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May 2012 - Mar 2013
Senior Scientist - Schering-Plough Biopharma


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Feb 2007 - Apr 2012
Cell Biology - Scios Inc. (J&J)

Discovery biology - Mechanism of action

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Sep 2005 - Jan 2007
Postdoctoral Fellow - Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana University

CD1d-mediated antigen presentation to NKT cells in the context of tumor and viral immunology

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Nov 1999 - Sep 2005
Cancer Biologist - Gilead - Foster City - CA Gilead May 2014 - Present
Degree - University  
PhD, Biochemistry - University of Madras

Tamilnad Hospital Academic Trust

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1996 - 2001
Masters, Biochemistry - Bharathiar University

PSG College of Arts & Science [PSGCAS]

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1990 - 1992
Bachelors, Chemistry - University of Madras

Presidency College

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1987 - 1990
Publication Info
Preclinical efficacy of the anti-hepatocyte growth factor antibody ficlatuzumab in a mouse brain orthotopic glioma model evaluated by bioluminescence, PET, and MRI. Mittra ES, Fan-Minogue H, Lin FI, Karamchandani J, Sriram V, Han M, Gambhir SS Clin Cancer Res. 19(20):5711-21. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-1015. October 15, 2013. View on PubMed.
IL-10 elicits IFN╬│-dependent tumor immune surveillance. Mumm JB, Emmerich J, Zhang X, Chan I, Wu L, Mauze S, Blaisdell S and 24 others Cancer Cell. 20(6):781-96. doi: 10.1016/j.ccr.2011.11.003. December 13, 2011. View on PubMed.
Apoptosis-induced inhibition of CD1d-mediated antigen presentation: different roles for caspases and signal transduction pathways. Khan MA, Sriram V, Renukaradhya GJ, Du W, Gervay-Hague J, Brutkiewicz RR Immunology. 125(1):80-90. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2567.2008.02823.x. September 2008. View on PubMed.
Importance of N-linked glycosylation in the functional expression of murine CD1d1. Sriram V, Willard CA, Liu J, Brutkiewicz RR Immunology. 123(2):272-81. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2567.2007.02696.x. February 2008. View on PubMed.
Inhibiting TGF-beta signaling restores immune surveillance in the SMA-560 glioma model. Tran TT, Uhl M, Ma JY, Janssen L, Sriram V, Aulwurm S, Kerr I and 15 others Neuro Oncol. 9(3):259-70. doi: 10.1215/15228517-2007-010. July 2007. View on PubMed.
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CD44 differentially activates mouse NK T cells and conventional T cells. Larkin J, Renukaradhya GJ, Sriram V, Du W, Gervay-Hague J, Brutkiewicz RR J Immunol. 177(1):268-79. July 1, 2006. View on PubMed.
Inhibition of antitumor immunity by invariant natural killer T cells in a T-cell lymphoma model in vivo. Renukaradhya GJ, Sriram V, Du W, Gervay-Hague J, Van Kaer L, Brutkiewicz RR Int J Cancer. 118(12):3045-53. doi: 10.1002/ijc.21764. June 15, 2006. View on PubMed.
Cell wall glycosphingolipids of Sphingomonas paucimobilis are CD1d-specific ligands for NKT cells. Sriram V, Du W, Gervay-Hague J, Brutkiewicz RR Eur J Immunol. 35(6):1692-701. doi: 10.1002/eji.200526157. June 2005. View on PubMed.
Development of a quantitative cell-based intracellular ELISA for the screening of B cell hybridoma supernatants: a novel rapid assay to detect positive clones. Renukaradhya JG, Sriram V, Polakova K, Russ G, Brutkiewicz RR Hybrid Hybridomics. 23(6):373-9. doi: 10.1089/hyb.2004.23.373. December 2004. View on PubMed.
Myeloid marker expression on antiviral CD8+ T cells following an acute virus infection. Lin Y, Roberts TJ, Sriram V, Cho S, Brutkiewicz RR Eur J Immunol. 33(10):2736-43. doi: 10.1002/eji.200324087. October 2003. View on PubMed.
Defective presentation of the CD1d1-restricted natural Va14Ja18 NKT lymphocyte antigen caused by beta-D-glucosylceramide synthase deficiency. Stanic AK, De Silva AD, Park JJ, Sriram V, Ichikawa S, Hirabyashi Y, Hayakawa K, Van Kaer L, Brutkiewicz RR, Joyce S Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 100(4):1849-54. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0430327100. February 18, 2003. View on PubMed.
CD1d-mediated antigen presentation to natural killer T (NKT) cells. Brutkiewicz RR, Lin Y, Cho S, Hwang YK, Sriram V, Roberts TJ Crit Rev Immunol. 23(5-6):403-19. 2003. View on PubMed.
Inhibition of glycolipid shedding rescues recognition of a CD1+ T cell lymphoma by natural killer T (NKT) cells. Sriram V, Cho S, Li P, O'Donnell PW, Dunn C, Hayakawa K, Blum JS, Brutkiewicz RR Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 99(12):8197-202. doi: 10.1073/pnas.122636199. June 11, 2002. View on PubMed.
Recycling CD1d1 molecules present endogenous antigens processed in an endocytic compartment to NKT cells. Roberts TJ, Sriram V, Spence PM, Gui M, Hayakawa K, Bacik I, Bennink JR, Yewdell JW, Brutkiewicz RR J Immunol. 168(11):5409-14. June 1, 2002. View on PubMed.
Natural killer T (NKT) cells and their role in antitumor immunity. Brutkiewicz RR, Sriram V Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 41(3):287-98. March 2002. View on PubMed.
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Impaired assembly yet normal trafficking of MHC class I molecules in Tapasin mutant mice. Grandea AG 3rd, Golovina TN, Hamilton SE, Sriram V, Spies T, Brutkiewicz RR, Harty JT, Eisenlohr LC, Van Kaer L Immunity. 13(2):213-22. August 2000. View on PubMed.
Sensitive spectrophotometric assay for 3-hydroxy-substituted flavonoids, based on their binding with molybdenum, antimony, or bismuth. Viswanathan P, Sriram V, Yogeeswaran G J Agric Food Chem. 48(7):2802-6. July 2000. View on PubMed.
Improved Recovery of Immunoglobulin Fraction from Egg Yolk of Chicken Immunized with AsialoGM1. Sriram V, Yogeeswaran G Russ J Immunol. 4(2):131-140. July 1999. View on PubMed.
Chicken egg yolk anti-asialoGM1 immunoglobulin (IgY): an inexpensive glycohistochemical probe for localization of T-antigen in human colorectal adenocarcinomas. Sriram V, Jebaraj CE, Yogeeswaran G Indian J Exp Biol. 37(7):639-49. July 1999. View on PubMed.
Comparative evaluation of ultramicro-and macro-chemo enzyme based assays of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. Yogeeswaran G, Jebaraj CE, Sriram V Indian J Clin Biochem. 14(2):220-8. doi: 10.1007/BF02867922. July 1999. View on PubMed.
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