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Boris Umylny

President - Japan Bioinformatics
Shibuya, JP
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Boris Umylny is an IT executive with a PhD in molecular biology. Boris has over 15 years of International Capital Markets and IT experience, including 7 years in starting, developing, and managing a professional services organization; in-depth knowledge of modern computing technologies as well as [financial] business practices.

Boris has seven years experience with bioinformatic and bio-computational methods and techniques; significant experience in data mining and analysis of expression and genomic data; in-depth knowledge of biological data storage, analysis and visualization techniques and other computational methods.

Position - Company  
Chief Information Officer - GENEWIZ, Inc.

Tasked with responsible for Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics and IT. Developed combined products and services that include library preparation, data generation, data analysis, data storage, distribution and management. Worked directly with Sales and Marketing to promote and sell NGS, Bioinformatics and combined service offerings utilizing direct sales, trade and vendor shows as well as presentations at conferences and academic venues. Negotiated and signed licensing agreements that provide GENEWIZ with access to unique scientific capabilities. Negotiated and signed collaboration agreements to develop novel NGS capabilities and bioinformatic algorithms. Negotiated and Signed distribution agreements to enable GENEWIZ to sell NGS and Bioinformatics productized services in Japan. Conducted sales training in United States and Japan.

Developed strategy for in-house implementation of Laboratory Information Management System; directed the development of the LIMS requirements document that includes FDA compliance (21 CFR part 11 and HIPAA); recruited and setup the development team; prepared a plan for integrating LIMS with NGS data analysis and management system.

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Jun 2011 - Jul 2012
Chair, Biosciences Subcommittee - American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

The ACCJ Biosciences Subcommittee: (i) provides up-to-date information about academic research, government funding and strategy, novel tools and techniques as well as investment opportunities in the life sciences, (ii) brings together individuals with common interest in the biotechnology and biosciences and (iii) seeks to offer input into the government decision-making process on academic and commercial funding, biosimilars and regenerative medicine.

View Point 2010: Ensure Effective Oversight of Internal Review Boards and Consistent Regulation of Informed Consent Statements (http://www.accj.or.jp/doclib/vp/VP_Biosci.pdf).

2010 Events:

(1) Current Issues in Translational and Clinical Research in Japan and a Vision for Eliminating the Drug Lag (http://www.accj.or.jp/user/ueventdisplay.php?eventid=1043).

(2) METI and the New Government of Japan’s Biotechnology Policy: the Honorable Yosuke Kondo, member of the House of Councilors (DPJ) (http://www.accj.or.jp/user/ueventdisplay.php?eventid=893).

(3) From Academia to the Pharmaceutical Business and from Japan to the Global Market (http://www.accj.or.jp/user/ueventdisplay.php?eventid=811).

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Sep 2009 - Jun 2011
Vice President - IMR Global

Complete handover of responsibilities after the merger of FSJ with IMRGlobal.

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Apr 1999 - Feb 2000
Vice President - FSJ

Founding Partner in Tokyo based IT consulting company. During the seven years with that organization assisted in growing the firm from a two-person startup to an international consulting house with 150 developers and offices in Tokyo and Boston. Key role was to develop and manage a capital markets focused IT consulting practice. Responsibilities included direct sales, management of sales activities, client management, personnel management, recruiting, human resources, business training and management of business transactions.

Major achievements included:

- Successfully transitioned the firm from a “body shop” to an organization entrusted with handling strategic tasks on behalf of clients.
- Increased revenue by 50% to 75% every year for 7 years.
- Annual turnover of 5%. Head count increase was achieved without utilizing the services of agents/head-hunters.
- Two major business transactions: 1995 management buy-out, and 1999 merger with IMRGlobal, Inc.

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Oct 1992 - Apr 1999
Consultant - UBS 1992 - 1994
President - Japan Bioinformatics 2012 - Present
President - Japan Bioinformatics

Japan Bioinformatics KK specializes in providing data and information management, computational and consulting services to life sciences industries, including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotechnology, research and healthcare.

Simbiot: Cloud-based, easy-to-use system for management, distribution, security and analysis of next generation sequencing and microarray data.

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Dec 2007 - Present
Degree - University  
PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology - University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine

Project planning, statistical analysis of RNA and protein expression data, analysis of DNA sequence and transcriptional data, design and development of local databases, Data mining, software development and integration with publicly available databases and applications, various biochemical techniques.

Dissertation: Analysis of Alu and B1 sequences in human and mouse genomes and transcriptomes.

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2001 - 2006
BS, Computer Science - Columbia University 1982 - 1986
Publication Info
Most human Alu and murine B1 repeats are unique. Umylny B, Presting G, Efird JT, Klimovitsky BI, Ward WS J Cell Biochem. 102(1):110-21. doi: 10.1002/jcb.21278. September 1, 2007. View on PubMed.
Evidence of Alu and B1 expression in dbEST. Umylny B, Presting G, Ward WS Arch Androl. 53(4):207-18. doi: 10.1080/01485010701426422. August 2007. View on PubMed.
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