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Anubhav Arora

Research Scientist - Noven Pharmaceuticals

Position - Company  
Graduate Research Associate - University of California, Berkeley

Over 4 years of research experience in drug delivery at UC Santa Barbara. Worked in collaboration with Hisamitsu Pharmaceuticals in formulation development; Stratagent LifeSciences (Now Corium International) in device development; and Allergan Inc. in dermal filler delivery.

Experience further categorized into:

•Development of non-invasive drug delivery devices including micro-scale devices.
•High throughput screening methods for developing novel chemical formulations for drug delivery, vaccine delivery and microbicidal applications.

Selected Publications:
• Arora, A. and Mitragotri, S. (2010) Novel topical microbicides through combinatorial strategies, Pharm Research, 27: 1264-1272.
• Arora, A. et al. (2010) Multicomponent chemical enhancer formulations for transdermal drug delivery: More is not always better, J Control Release, 144:175-180.
• Karande, P.*, Arora, A.*, Pham, T.K., Stevens, D., Wojicki, A. and Mitragotri, S. (2009) Transcutaneous immunization using common chemicals, J Control Release, 138:134-140 (*Equal contribution).
• Arora, A., Prausnitz, M. and Mitragotri, S. (2008) Micro-scale devices for transdermal drug delivery, Int J Pharm, 364:227-236.
• Arora, A. et al. (2007) Needle-free delivery of macromolecules across the skin by nanoliter-volume pulsed microjets, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 104:4255-4260
• Karande, P., Jain, A., Arora, A., Ho, M.J. and Mitragotri, S. (2007) Synergistic effects of chemical enhancers on skin permeability: A case study of sodium laroylsarcosinate and sorbitan monolaurate, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 31:1-7

Conference Presentations:
• “Developing safe microbicides by high throughput screening of chemicals”. Poster presentation at AAPS Annual Meeting, Los Angeles (2009).
• "Needle-Free Transdermal Drug Delivery Using Pulsed Piezoelectric Microjets". Podium presentation at AIChE Annual Meeting, San Fransisco (2006)

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Sep 2004 - Aug 2009
Teaching Assistant - University of California, Berkeley

Teaching assistant for MCDB course titled "Introduction to Biology for Non Majors". Duties involved conducting discussion sections, grading assignments and exams. Over 150 students were enrolled in the course.

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Mar 2007 - Jun 2007
Research Associate - Arizona State University

Researched on pathlogical protein aggregation models for inhibiting amyloid formation in neurodegenrative diseases.

• Arora, A., Ha, C. and Park C.B. (2004) Insulin amyloid fibrillization at above 100ºC: New insights into protein folding under extreme temperatures, Protein Sci., 13:2429-2436
• Arora, A., Ha, C. and Park C.B. (2004) Inhibition of insulin amyloid formation by small stress molecules, FEBS Lett., 564: 121-125

Conference Presentations:
• "Effect of chemical chaperones on amyloid fibril formation in vitro". Poster presentation at AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco 2003

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Aug 2002 - May 2004
Research Scientist - Noven Pharmaceuticals

Research and development of novel transdermal drug delivery systems:
• Played key role in relocating research facilities from California to Florida.
• Investigatory and feasibility studies for active and passive transdermal delivery systems.
• In vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic profiling, formulation development and stability studies.
•Technical evaluation of technologies developed by external partners.

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Sep 2009 - Present
Degree - University  
Ph.D., Biomolecular Science and Engineering - University of California, Santa Barbara

UC Regents Fellow for year 2004-05.
Inaugral Rathmann Fellow for year 2004-05.
Dean's Fellow for year 2007-08.

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2004 - 2009
MS, Chemical Engineering - Arizona State University 2002 - 2004
B.Tech., Chemical Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 1998 - 2002
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