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Graham Pawelec

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Director - Tübingen Ageing and Tumour Immunology Group (TATI) 2012 - 2012
Honorary Professor - The University of Manchester Sep 2010 - Present
Visiting Professor - Nottingham Trent University Jun 2005 - Present
Professor - University of Tübingen Clinical School

Graham Pawelec heads the Tübingen Ageing and Tumour Immunology Group (TATI) at the Center for Medical Research (ZMF) of Tübingen University Medical School.

Research and teaching interests of the group are encompassed by the keywords immunosenescence, vaccination, T cell subsets, tumor immunity, immunotherapy, cytokines, longitudinal studies, human longevity, immunity and aging. Our expertise (human immunology) is in polychromatic flow cytometry, T cell cloning, confocal microscopy, proteomics, signal transduction, hypoxia, antigen identification, immune monitoring, cancer vaccination, influenza vaccination. The TATI working hypothesis is that chronic antigenic stress contributes to the observed T cell immune dysregulation in both ageing and cancer, and possibly other pathologies. In ageing, important chronic stressors include persistent viruses; Cytomegalovirus is especially relevant in this regard. At least initially, all cancers are immunogenic; hence the chronic stressors in this situation are tumour antigens.

The behaviour of T cells ex vivo (isolated from cancer patients, healthy elderly and Alzheimer patients) is being investigated 1) in a search for biomarkers of ageing identified in the TCC culture model above; 2) to monitor disease progression and provide a basis for rational inervention. To this end, TATI infrastructure previously incorporated programs to discover new tumour antigens in melanoma and leukaemia (now in the hands of companies like Immatics), tumour cell and patient lymphocyte characterisation and banking, monitoring of cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy, monitoring of the elderly in longitudinal ageing studies and characterisation and banking of cells from the elderly, from centenarians and others.

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Nov 1987 - Present
Professor - University of Tübingen 2012 - Present
Degree - University  
PhD, Transplantation immunology - University of Cambridge 1974 - 1982
PhD, Transplantation Immunology - University of Cambridge 1970 - 1978
Publication Info
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