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Paul Davis

Dr Paul Davis is the Director of Research at Trinity Bioactives in Lower Hutt. He is a graduate of Otago and Massey Universities and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Texas at Austin.
Dr Paul Davis has been involved continuously for 47 years with biological and biomedical research. His particular areas of expertise include the studying of a comprehensive and diverse range of biological activities. These have involved in vitro and in vivo models and assays. Among the former are cell and tissue cultures, biochemical and immunological assays. The
in vivo systems have predominantly utilised rodents but other species have also been used.

He has wide-ranging experience researching the biological activities associated with natural products, nutriceuticals, functional foods and dietary supplements. He has investigated the application of the activities associated with these products and preparations in many different physiological and pathological situations.

He has authored more than 66 peer reviewed papers on his research, and in the last 12 years has presented at more than 45 meetings internationally. He is a named inventor on 13 patents and is the co-author of three books. Many of those publications and presentations have been concerned with the development of natural and traditional health products.

Currently Dr Davis is:
1. Chief Executive, Trinity Bioactives Ltd
2. Scientific Leader, QOL Health Diagnostics Ltd
3. Senior Research Fellow, Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

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