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Anthony Salvagno

Research Assistant - KochLab

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Summer REU Research Assistant - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Studied sky survey data looking for possible OH/IR maser candidates.

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May 2005 - Aug 2005
Graphic Designer - IheartAnthony

I do any graphic design and specialize in illustration based work. I specialize in business cards, logos, and print work, but I'm open to anything and always welcome new directions.

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Jun 2010 - Present
Research Assistant - KochLab

I focused on Shotgun DNA Mapping which utilized basic molecular biological techniques (PCR, clonging, ligations, restriction digestions, etc) to prepare DNA to be unzipped by optical tweezers. I helped build and design the tweezer system.

I also practice open notebook science and specialize in using web 2.0 (and beyond) tools to make having an open notebook as accessible as possible for everyone.

Now I study basic effects of water on organisms. I evaluate effects of different water types (D2O, H2O, deuterium depleted water) on organism development and report fundamental analyses into this underdeveloped field.

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Mar 2007 - Present
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MS, PhD, Physics - University of New Mexico 2006 - 2012
BS, Mathematics, Physics - University at Albany, SUNY 2002 - 2006
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