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Ron Shigeta

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Staff Bioinformatics Scientist - gene characterization

Developed applications to identify novel gene function in newly sequenced genomes. (patents granted).
Developed multiple applications targeted at customer interests to promote new products. (papers and patent resulted).
Participated in hardware selection/build, networking, and 24/7 operations for web operations.

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Jan 2000 - Jan 2002
Scientist - Neomorphic

Protein Sequence analysis.

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Oct 2000 - Nov 2000
Post Doctoral Associate - Harvard Medical School Harvard University 1998 - 2000
Manager - NetAffx Bioinformatics Team

2004 ­ Present
NetAffx has long been the most successful software project in the company. It is
responsible for receiving 40% of the total traffic to Affymetrix.com and is on the path for
use by each customer practically every time they use the product.

Implementation of Axiom custom web application 2.0
· Completion of web application for interactive custom product design of our highest
revenue product line. The top corporate goal for 2011, the custom design web app
was designed together with marketing, web designers and data analysts.
· Implementation of a fully functional Ajax UI.
· Includes development of middleware that stores customer designs and product
information, routing them through data services at multiple locations.
Implementation of Axiom custom web application 1.5
· Delivery of highly secure file exchange web interface online custom product design in
6 weeks.
· Demo of an online data appliance prototype to serve the application queries, capable
of looking up a million terms in less than 30 seconds.
Scaling of the Netaffx Data Layer
· Implementation and oversight of data server transitions through four generations of
storage technologies from SRS (flat file server), SQL Server, MySQL, and binary
retrieval indexes.
· Adoption of binary flat file technology to our data stack to scale for 500-fold speed
improvements in our search application.
· Expansion of web service from one to three major product lines and 1000-fold
increase in data volume without expanding team.

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Nov 2006 - Present
Systems architecture - Affymetrix

· Design, implementation and maintenance of back end data pipeline, processes 2
terabytes of input from 40+ sources covering 35 different organisms.
· Leveraged open source software to reduce licensing operations overhead to zero
· Establishment of quality checks and automation for content pipeline, reduced back end
run times from 2 months to 3 weeks.
Managing daily web operations
· Oversight of team of four to six engineers and scientists with responsibilities that
included web portlet operations and content/data pipeline.
· Maintenance of operations stack for web application including redundant web servers,
data servers and application servers which process customer data for their session.
· Support NetAffx services delivering to individual customers and more than a dozen
different software solutions, internal and 3rd party.
· Computational environment includes use of computational culuster (PBS and LSF)
integrated into content creation for NetAffx.
· Group responds to daily communication with customers to resolve technical questions
and issues.

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Nov 2006 - Present
Degree - University  
Post Doctoral Research, protein structure, crystallography, protein families - Harvard Medical School Harvard University 1998 - 2000
PhD, Chemistry, Biochemistry - Princeton University 1989 - 1997
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