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Glenn Gomes

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Physics Analyst - Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

Performed various simulations involving nuclear engineering, heat transfer, fluid flow.

Extensive experience in the MATLAB family of products. Have used FEM extensively, including the creation of commercial FEM software via my company. Extensive use of COMSOL as a FEM tool. Was on the conference committee and a presenter at the Boston annual convention.

Have performed extensive mathematical data analysis, data visualization, optimization and developed new numerical methods, some of which are being patented.

Extensive experience creating Graphica User Interfaces (GUI) in MATLAB, .NET.

Expert in data extraction and writing of macros in VBA (Excel, Word). Good knowledge of databases.

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May 1989 - Jan 2011
Degree - University  
B. Sc, M. Eng., Physics(B. Sc), Nuclear Engineering (M. Eng) - University of Toronto 1981 - 1989
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