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Carlos K. Inoki

Researcher - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

He is a researcher at the Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory in Campinas, Brazil. He did graduate in Physics (1991) and received the master's degree in Physics (1994) from the State University of Campinas. He did receive the PhD in Electric Engineering (Microelectronics) from the University of São Paulo (1999) working with low energy electron lithography. He joined to the Department of Physics of the University at Albany as associated researcher (1999-2008) to work with interconnect technology and wide gap materials (GaN and SiC) using transmission electron microscopy under guidance of Prof. T.S. Kuan.

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Research Associate - University at Albany - SUNY

Characterization and development of novel materials for interconnect technology. Computer modeling of electric transport and grain growth in interconnects. Defect mechanism in semiconductor materials.

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Apr 1999 - May 2008
Researcher - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Keep and run the electron microscopy facility. Training and supervision ofuser to the facility. Transmission and scanning electron microscopy for material science is the facility core. Research of new material for micreletronics.

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Aug 2010 - Present
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Associated Researcher, Semiconductor Technology, Transmission Electron Microscopy - University at Albany, SUNY 1999 - 2008
Doctorate's degree, Electric Engineeering, Microelectronics - University of Sao Paulo 1994 - 1999
Master's degree, Physics - State University of Campinas 1991 - 1994
Bachelor's degree, Physics - State University of Campinas 1987 - 1991
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