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Irene Gabashvili

Founder - Aurametrix

Position - Company  
Adjunct Professor - San Jose State University

BIOL221T: Bioinformatics for Professional Master's in Biotechnology
BMET435: Telemedicine and Medical informatics
BMI310: Introduction to Bioinformatics
BMI315: Tools for Biomedical Informatics
BMI325: Programming for Biomedical Informatics

Biotechnology (SJSU); Computer Information Systems, Software and Database Development Programs; Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Programs (DeVry)
- Taught Biomedical Databases, Data formats (Gbk, ASN.1, XML, PDB, HL7, DICOM,etc), Ux/Lx shell scripting, Perl/Bioperl, CGI, Php, Biojava, IPA, Matlab, R/S+, SAS, Biostatistics, SNP, structure, NCBI & ExPASy tools & databases, machine learning, bioimaging, visualization, medical terminology & regulations, clinical trials essentials, CFR, PACS, LIMS, telemedicine, HPC (clustering, grid, MPI, PVM), bioservices programming, SOAP.
- Developed new courses, quizzes, threaded discussions and other online learning tools.
- Provided consulting services to academia (Harvard, etc) and industry

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2006 - 2009
Principal Scientific Engineer - Ingenuity Systems

-- Expression/exon, genotyping, next gen sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, PCR assays, other new technology platforms support
-- Evaluation and integration with 3rd party tools
-- Biomarker analysis, data filtering, pre- and post-processing, large-scale analysis
-- Comparative genomics, drug profiling (approved, withdrawn, phase I through III), chemoinformatics
-- Data integration, modularization and visualization, exchange formats
-- Technical and scientific support, QA, QC, use cases, application and release notes.

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2007 - 2008
Sr. Research Scientist and Technical Lead - HP Labs

Coordinated projects and worked with accounts in support of strategic business initiatives for the company.
Increased company's visibility through presentations and publications.

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2003 - 2006
Visiting Scientist - Stanford University

Provided scientific expertise in the area of biomedical informatics, knowledge management and bio-ontologies, genomics, RNomics, the ribosome, structural biology, molecular modeling, information integration and visualization, computer simulation, pathway analysis

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2001 - 2003
Research Scientist - Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health

-- Research and Development in the area of sophisticated imaging techniques (cryo-electron and light microscopy), image recognition, image processing and 3D reconstruction, computational structural biology, molecular modelling, mathematical modelling and computer simulations; software applications science; funding renewal

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1997 - 2001
Postdoctoral fellow - University of Texas, Health Science Center

Research in the area of environmental microbiology and virology, state-of-the-art electrophoresis, DNA and protein isolation and characterization, image processing, electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy and spectroscopy techniques

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1995 - 1997
Visiting Scientist - University of Quebec

Research in the area of FT-IR spectroscopy and quantum chemistry of biopolymers, plant physiology, lipids and organic compounds, quantum calculations, infrared spectral simulations.

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1995 - 1995
Lab Director - Institute of Genetic Ecology

- Program/project management and research in the area of genetic epidemiology (polycystic ovarian syndrome), biomedical expert systems, cellular modeling (dynamics of chromosomal aberrations in irradiated, L.-B. and aging cells), computer simulations (cell cycle in health and disease, DNA replication and repair).
- Taught Informatics, DBMS, LIMS, Foxpro, data analysis

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1992 - 1995
Founder - Aurametrix


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2009 - Present
Director - MEBO Research 2009 - Present
Degree - University  
postdoctoral, Biomedical Informatics - Stanford University 2001 - 2003
postdoctoral, Biochemistry - University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 1995 - 1997
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