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Sudarshan Shetty

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Degree - University  
M.Sc. Microbiology, Microbiology - Modern College of Art's, Science and Commerce (University of Pune)

My M.Sc, Dissertation entitled “Age Related Changes in Human Gut Microflora – A Family Based Study” was carried out at National Centre For Cell Sciences (NCCS) Pune, India, under the guidance of Dr. Yogesh Souche (Molecular biology unit).
This work is the first study carried out on Indian population to understand the diversity of gut microflora in different aged individuals belonging to the same family.

During my dissertation I have gained hands on experience in Polymerase chain reaction (PCR),Real Time PCR, Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE), Gene Cloning and Bioinformatics for phylogentic analysis. Apart from these techniques, during my Master's, I have had experience in Immunoelectrophoresis, Restriction Digestion, Native PAGE, Biochemical characterization of Microbes, Egg embryo culture, etc.

Research topics in which I would like to do research in, are-
1) Geomicrobiology
2) Molecular Ecology
3) Astrobiology
4) Microbial Interaction

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2009 - 2011
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