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Scott Shandler

Founder and CEO - Longevity Biotech
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, US

Position - Company  
Board of Directors, CFO - Philly Biobreak

Philly Biobreak is an executive networking organization for the life sciences industry. We have recently expanded into the New Jersey region. Philly Biobreak holds quarterly events, bringing together venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and business development executives from across the life science spectrum for lively discourse.

As a member of the board of directors for Philly Biobreak, I am responsible for helping to set the organizational strategy and operational execution for quarterly events. In addition, I also serve as the Chief Financial officer for Philly Biobreak, handling all aspects of the budget, fundraising, and corporate policies.

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Jun 2007 - Jan 2011
Associate - Bioadvance

• Conducted due-diligence, developed investment thesis, and recommended candidate portfolio firms for investment.
• Provided existing portfolio firms strategic guidance and operating assistance.
• Scouted technology outlets to source new deal flow.

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Jul 2006 - May 2007
Research Planning and Integration, Merck Research Labs (Intern) - Merck - Rahway - NJ Merck

• Developed portfolio management tool incorporating marketing, competitive, licensing, and proprietary information. Results of scenario analysis used to adjust $500M neuroscience basic research pipeline.
• Provided advice to HR department regarding recruiting and operational practices, recommendations have been incorporated.

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May 2005 - Aug 2005
Consultant - PolyMedix, Inc.

Summary: Responsible for project management and supported Series A fund raising activities.

Lead a team of 3 research chemists - managed timeline, budget and objectives. Delivered preclinical compound candidate on-time under budget. Responsible for regular reporting to scientific and business leadership on progress across multiple work streams.

Worked directly with executive leadership to develop pitch materials and participated in investor meetings. Efforts concluded with the successful close of a $6m Series A.

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2003 - 2004
Consultant - Accenture

• Led team to redesign and implement global communication processes at leading pharmaceutical company. Facilitated meetings and presented recommendations to client’s senior management. Project resulted in improved global communications.
• Served as key strategic advisor for three multi-million dollar sales proposals. Company was awarded two of three.
• Managed team of six in the development of a new FDA CFR Part 11 compliant adverse event reporting system for a leading pharmaceutical company. Project results aided company in FDA compliance and decreased average reporting time to FDA.

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2001 - 2002
Principle Consultant - Inventa

• Managed cross-functional team of ten in development of new Internet product. Collaborated with client’s executive team to shape new product direction. Project resulted in the market leading enterprise incentive management product.
• Led team of functional and technical colleagues through process of detailed product quality control. Managed workload and client expectations. Process became the model for future projects.
• Recognized with company award for exemplary dedication and outstanding performance out of 250 employees.
• Analyzed core business processing rules for leading payroll and human resources corporation. Lead system designer and developer involving custom data models and complex business rules for payroll application. Product used at over 500 sites.

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1998 - 2001
Founder and CEO - Longevity Biotech

As founder and CEO of Longevity Biotech, my responsibilities encompass all activities spanning medical, clinical, legal, business development, operations and fund raising. Longevity Biotech is developing a new class of metabolically stable peptide-like therapeutics, called Hybridtides™, which demonstrate remarkable and broad spectrum enzymatic stability. Longevity Biotech is capable of transforming naked peptide half-lives of minutes into hours.

Current programs:

• Primary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) – Novel dual mode of action targeting both hypertension and inflammatory symptoms. The clinical goal for this program is to achieve vascular remodeling as part of a disease modifying treatment protocol. PAH is a debilitating orphan disease where current treatments are palliative.

• Type II Diabetes (T2DM) – Novel dual agonist targeting two closely related extra-cellular receptors simultaneously. By targeting these two receptors in a single molecule, synergistic clinical results are expected (both in glucose control and weight loss). There is clear need for improved therapeutics with new approaches to treat the diabetes epidemic facing the globe today.

• Oncology – Longevity is development novel peptide-drug-conjugates targeting over-expressed cell surface receptor. This receptor target is widely over-expressed on dozens of different tumor types, including triple negative breast cancer and pancreatic tumors.

• Anti-viral (HIV) – Longevity has identified a highly stabilized next generation fusion inhibitor, the same mechanism of action originally pursued by Roche/Trimeris in Fuzeon™. Building on the Longevity platform technology, this next generation product is hundreds of times more stable while retaining biological activity, thus overcoming the clinical challenges of Fuzeon™.

• Neuroscience - Longevity is working closely with academic labs to validate a neuroprotection strategy by reducing neuroinflammation.

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Apr 2010 - Present
Degree - University  
PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

• Member of Dr. William F. DeGrado’s lab, research focusing on computational design and experimental characterization of β-amino acid peptide foldamers.
• Nominated and selected as chairman of cross-disciplinary symposium on Protein Design involving world-renowned scientists.
• Foldamers as versatile frameworks for the design and evolution of function, Nature Chemical Biology 3, 252 - 262 (2007)

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2002 - 2010
MBA, Healthcare - University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School (CA)

• Elected President of University of Pennsylvania’s Biotechnology Group 2006.
• Selected as Director of Biotechnology Panel for Wharton Healthcare Business Conference 2005.
• Founded biotechnology investing discussion group to evaluate small/mid cap companies from technical and scientific perspectives.
• Developed interdisciplinary lecture series, “Crossroads of Business and Biotech” serving over 300 students across five schools on campus. Background of invited speakers included: Venture Capital, Intellectual Property, Bioethics, and Entrepreneurship.

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2004 - 2006
Certificate, Bioinformatics - Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford University 2000 - 2001
BA, Computer Science, Physics - Brandeis University 1994 - 1998
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