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Fady Draidi

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Instructor - IT An-Najah National University

i have worked as an instructor at the Faculty of Information technology in An-Najah National University; Nablus; Palestine.
i have involved in teaching
Computer network, image processing, computer information system, network programming, data structure and algorithms, expert systems.

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Sep 2004 - Oct 2008
TA - Engineering Concordia University

I have teach C++ course

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Sep 2002 - May 2004
Degree - University  
MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering - Concordia University 2002 - 2004
Bs., Electrical and Computer Engineering - An-Najah National University 1994 - 1999
Ph. D., Distributed DataBase - Monpellier University II

I have designed P2Prec: a P2P recommendation system for large-scale data sharing for online-communities.
P2Prec leverages users' topics of interest and social data, in order to provide high quality and valuable recommendations. users' social data includes friends and trust relationships. users' topics of interest are extracted automatically from the documents the users have shared.

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2008 - Present
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