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Martin Edwards

Lecturer - Psy-NAPS

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Lecturer - University of Birmingham Sep 2002 - Sep 2010
Lecturer - Psy-NAPS Université Catholique de Louvain - Belgium

The Psy-NAPS laboratory investigates the relationships between perception and action behaviour in the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience and neuropsychology.

The research has three main aims:
1) To understand how the brain organises and computes perception and action
2) To develop assessments for measuring perception and action behaviour
3) To develop exercises / rehabilitation / re-education activities and techniques to improve perception and action behaviour

To carry out the research, a variety of methods are used including motion tracking kinematic analysis, virtual reality, eye-tracking, simple dexterity and cognitive testing, reaction time paradigms, neural stimulation and brain imaging methods with normal aged and brain injured participants.

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Sep 2010 - Present
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Ph.D, Psychology - University of Birmingham

Routes To Action: Neuropsychological Evidence (supervised by Glyn Humphreys)

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1995 - 1999
Publication Info
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