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Christoph Kahl

Director - Oregon Health & Science University

Position - Company  
Research Scientist/Team Leader - GenVec, Inc.

- Lead multiple project teams in a matrix environment.
- Develop recombinant vaccine platform technologies and perform immunogenicity studies in animal models for antibody and T cell responses to HIV and influenza.
- Direct and carry out viral vector engineering, lead candidate screening, and vaccine vector testing in animal models.
- Investigate viral adjuvant effects on innate immune signaling pathways, and implement biological screening assays to select highly immunogenic vaccine vectors.
- Prepare and implement plans for project timelines and budget.
- Oversee and conduct vector productions, and biological and quality assays.
- Develop protocols and technologies for improving production and bioactivity testing processes in the department.
- Present findings at internal meetings and scientific conferences.
- Author project protocols, manuscripts, and grants.
- Recruit, train, and supervise research associates.

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2006 - 2010
Postdoctoral Fellow - Children's Hospital Los Angeles

• Planned, coordinated and executed several large-scale non-human primate studies in an effort to develop gene therapies for HIV/AIDS. Studies involved myelo-/lymphoablation, gene transfer using lentiviral vectors, transplantation of gene-modified hematopoietic stem cells, and analysis of pharmacokinetics, gene marking and immune responses.
• Investigated the biological role of the antiretroviral restriction factor TRIM5α in rhesus macaque tissues, and designed novel approaches to achieve efficient transduction with HIV-1- and SIV-derived lentiviral vectors.
• Presented findings to team, laboratory, and departmental meetings, and national and international conferences.
• Collaborated extensively with associated laboratories (often requiring significant travel).
• Authored project protocols, two manuscripts, and supportive grant.
• Trained and mentored graduate students.

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2003 - 2006
Graduate Student - Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana University 1999 - 2003
Director - Oregon Health & Science University 2010 - Present
Director - Molecular Virology Support Core (MVSC) Oregon Health & Science University

The Virology Core provides a broad and expanding menu of services in the areas of research-grade virus and viral vector production and characterization for in vivo studies, as well as virus monitoring, using standardized protocols and assays. The Core serves both institutional and outside investigators. Please click on "My Website" below for Virology Core services and rates or contact me directly at kahl@ohsu.edu

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2010 - Present
Degree - University  
Ph.D., Medical and Molecular Genetics - Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana University

• Engineered novel HIV-1-based lentiviral vectors using alphaviral envelope glycoproteins.
• Performed comparative studies of their biological properties, and characterized their potential for cancer gene therapy.
• Wrote and published two manuscripts.

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2001 - 2003
M.S., Medical and Molecular Genetics - Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana University

• Developed novel method based on Q-PCR to quantitate rare circulating germ cell tumor cells in patient samples. Achieved detection of up to 1 tumor cell in 100,000 background cells.
• Developed RT-PCR and Southern blot assays to detect expression of -human chorionic gonadotropin (–HCG) gene variants as a novel marker for germ cell tumors.

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1999 - 2001
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