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Henry Haeberle

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Microscopist - University of New

· Manage use of microscopes ($1.5 million+), including repair and building support. Develop instructional
courses on scientific equipment and individualized instrument training for 70+ scientists.

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Jan 2010 - Jan 2012
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stanford University

· Observed adult and pediatric brain surgeries to identify unmet medical needs. Collaborated with clinicians
and engineers to develop new optical methods of inter- operative cancer detection.
· Audited Biodesign Innovation (Stanford Business School) and Introduction to Intellectual Property and
Trademark Law (Stanford Law School).
· As part of the Biodesign Innovation program, designed and contributed to provisional patent submissions
for a device to reduce the incidence of small bowel obstruction due to adhesions in abdominal surgery
· Contributed to successful multi-institutional $750K research grant (NIH P50).

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Sep 2008 - Dec 2009
Post-doctoral fellow - Baylor College of Medicine

Finished publishing papers from PhD work, and trained others in the lab in the techniques that I had developed.

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Jan 2008 - Jun 2008
Student Representative - Neuroscience Program Executive Committee

· Spearheaded qualifying exam reform. Restructured first-year curriculum to accelerate advancement to
research. Voiced student concerns regarding budget priorities for recruitment, retention and student life.

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2002 - 2004
Instructor - Triad Science and Education Program 2002 - 2003
Senior Fellow- Microscopy - Columbia University

I help scientists with microscopy based assay development at Columbia University. I also do maintenance and support for two microscopes

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Sep 2011 - Present
Degree - University  
BS, Individually designed major in Neuroscience - Stanford University

Research in the laboratory of Dr. Ben Barres. Studied endothelial cell influence upon glial development in the optic nerve

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1996 - 2000
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