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Elizabeth Iorns

Co-founder and CEO - Science Exchange View Biosketch →

Position - Company  
Postdoctoral Associate - University of Miami Apr 2008 - Apr 2010
Graduate Student, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Center - Institute of Cancer Research Apr 2004 - Dec 2007
Scientific Officer, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Center - Institute of Cancer Research Jun 2003 - Apr 2004
Amgen - Thousand Oaks - CA Amgen, Inc. Present
Co-founder and CEO - Science Exchange

Science Exchange is an online marketplace for outsourcing science experiments. Our goal is to make it easier for researchers to access core resources across institutions.

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May 2011 - Present
Assistant Professor - University of Miami Apr 2010 - Present
Degree - University  
Ph.D., Cancer Biology - Institute of Cancer Research

Institute of Cancer Research Chairman’s Prize for Best Graduating Ph.D. student (2007)

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2004 - 2007
B.Sc (Hons), Biomedical Science - University of Auckland

University of Auckland Best Overall Student in Biomedical Science (2001, 2002)

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1999 - 2002
Publication Info
Utilizing RNA interference to enhance cancer drug discovery. Iorns E, Lord CJ, Turner N, Ashworth A Nat Rev Drug Discov : 6 : 556-68 : July 1, 2007
Identification of CDK10 as an important determinant of resistance to endocrine therapy for breast cancer. Iorns E, Turner NC, Elliott R, Syed N, Garrone O, Gasco M, Tutt AN, Crook T, Lord CJ, Ashworth A Cancer Cell : 13 : 91-104 : February 1, 2008
A synthetic lethal siRNA screen identifying genes mediating sensitivity to a PARP inhibitor. Turner NC, Lord CJ, Iorns E, Brough R, Swift S, Elliott R, Rayter S, Tutt AN, Ashworth A EMBO J : 27 : 1368-77 : May 7, 2008
Dissecting resistance to endocrine therapy in breast cancer. Lord CJ, Iorns E, Ashworth A Cell Cycle : 7 : 1895-8 : July 1, 2008
Parallel RNAi and compound screens identify the PDK1 pathway as a target for tamoxifen sensitization. Iorns E, Lord CJ, Ashworth A Biochem J : 417 : 361-70 : January 1, 2009
Integrated functional, gene expression and genomic analysis for the identification of cancer targets. Iorns E, Lord CJ, Grigoriadis A, McDonald S, Fenwick K, Mackay A, Mein CA and 6 others PLoS One : 4 : e5120 : April 9, 2009
CRK7 modifies the MAPK pathway and influences the response to endocrine therapy. Iorns E, Martens-de Kemp SR, Lord CJ, Ashworth A Carcinogenesis : 30 : 1696-701 : August 3, 2009
FGFR1 amplification drives endocrine therapy resistance and is a therapeutic target in breast cancer. Turner N, Pearson A, Sharpe R, Lambros M, Geyer F, Lopez-Garcia MA, Natrajan R and 8 others Cancer Res : 70 : 2085-94 : March 1, 2010
The role of SATB1 in breast cancer pathogenesis. Iorns E, Hnatyszyn HJ, Seo P, Clarke J, Ward T, Lippman M J Natl Cancer Inst : 102 : 1284-96 : August 18, 2010
Simultaneous analysis of tumor and stromal gene expression profiles from xenograft models. Iorns E, Clarke J, Ward T, Dean S, Lippman M Breast Cancer Res Treat : September 24, 2011
Rescue of tropomyosin deficiency in Drosophila and human cancer cells by synaptopodin reveals a role of tropomyosin α in RhoA stabilization. Wong JS, Iorns E, Rheault MN, Ward TM, Rashmi P, Weber U, Lippman ME, Faul C, Mlodzik M, Mundel P EMBO J : December 13, 2011
Whole genome in vivo RNAi screening identifies the leukemia inhibitory factor receptor as a novel breast tumor suppressor. Iorns E, Ward TM, Dean S, Jegg A, Thomas D, Murugaesu N, Sims D and 11 others Breast Cancer Res Treat : April 26, 2012
Truncated p110 ERBB2 induces mammary epithelial cell migration, invasion and orthotopic xenograft formation, and is associated with loss of phosphorylated STAT5. Ward TM, Iorns E, Liu X, Hoe N, Kim P, Singh S, Dean S and 6 others Oncogene : July 2, 2012
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