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Carel Van Heerden

Staff Scientist - Central Analytical Facilities - DNA Sequencing Unit

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Staff Scientist - Central Analytical Facilities - DNA Sequencing Unit Stellenbosch University

The aim of the Central Analytical Facility (CAF) is to ensure optimal utilisation of expensive multi-user research equipment in the service of the research community of Stellenbosch University, and the South African research and development sector in general.

To this end, CAF consists of operational units built around logical clusters of equipment and managed by a Staff Scientist, who provides advice to potential users on relevant analytical and sample preparation techniques, perform analyses for clients, train users to perform their own analyses and ensure good maintenance, calibration and performance of the equipment.

The DNA sequencing unit consists of several capillary sequencers as well as a Next generation sequencers (SOLiD4, an Ion Torrent and from Oct 2011, a 5500xl.) The facility also offers DNA extraction, PCR, Real time PCR and cloning services.

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Mar 1997 - Present
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MSc, Genetics - Stellenbosch University

Currently doing my PhD. QTL mapping in Grapevine.
Spend a lot of time automating the DNA sequencing facility.

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1990 - 1995
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Identification of three mutations and associated haplotypes in the protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene in South African families with variegate porphyria. Warnich L, Kotze MJ, Groenewald IM, Groenewald JZ, van Brakel MG, van Heerden CJ, de Villiers JN and 4 others Hum Mol Genet. 5(7):981-4. July 1996. View on PubMed.
Mapping of the variegate porphyria (VP) gene: contradictory evidence for linkage between VP and microsatellite markers at chromosome 14q32. Warnich L, Meissner PN, Hift RJ, Louw JH, van Heerden CJ, Retief AE Hum Genet. 97(5):690-2. May 1996. View on PubMed.
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