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We are making R&D services readily available to every organization that seeks to make scientific impact

How it works

Our R&D services marketplace empowers organizations to connect, collaborate and innovate to more effectively bring new discoveries to market

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Explore a network of 2,500+ qualified providers offering 7,000+ R&D services

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Order immediately from any provider with pre-established contracts in place

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Securely communicate, exchange data, and track project progress

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Manage all payments securely on a single platform

Benefits across your company

ic-process-efficiency Streamline the source-manage-pay process for R&D services by improving collaboration efficiency, data security and compliance

ic-umbrella Remove administrative delays by consolidating contracting and payment processing to a single relationship

ic-rd-productivity Effectively manage R&D services category spend and provider performance through aggregated reporting

How it works

An R&D services marketplace with qualified, ready-to-transact providers across the globe lets you better manage R&D services and accelerate scientific innovation.

Choose the offering that works for you


For individual scientists to quickly find providers and manage the entire project workflow in a safe and trusted environment

  • Source providers from open marketplace
  • Utilize pre-established standard contract in place with all providers
  • Project collaboration and tracking
  • Data transfer
  • Secure, compliant infrastructure (SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Secure, centralized payment

Search Providers


For research organizations who desire a fully-integrated R&D services category management solution across the enterprise

  • Private, fully customizable marketplace
  • Advanced customizable contract administration
  • Procurement systems integration
  • Data warehouse integration
  • Guided buying functionality
  • Provider relationship management
  • Customizable reporting
  • Concierge service*
  • *Optional service

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