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Z Biotech is significantly impacting glycobiology and glycomics markets by providing its leading carbohydrate products and services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading research institutes. Z Biotech’s advantage lies in increasing the accuracy and efficiency for analysis of carbohydrates (or glycans) and their binding partners in therapeutic biologics, medicines and biosimilars, as well as producing glycosylation profiling for biological samples and therapeutic biologics.

Following on the explosive impact from the genomics and proteomics era, glycomics is a new and important field for studying carbohydrate modification of proteins and protein-glycan interactions. Z Biotech’s glycan microarray and lectin microarray platforms are built on its proprietary microarray substrates which can create sensitive and multivalent detection of protein-glycan interactions. The current glycan libraries in Z Biotech represent glycan structures in mammalian, human and bacteria, including N-glycans, O-glycans, ganglioside head-group glycans, blood group glycans, human milk glycans, glycosaminoglycan glycans, and bacterial glycans.

Currently, this type of analysis of protein-glycan interaction and glycosylation is expensive and inefficient, leaving a huge gap for analysis of protein-glycan interaction and glycosylation in high-throughput solutions. To solve the issue of low efficiency and high cost of current ELISA microplate-based analysis, we offer diverse cost-effective microarray-based solutions.

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Glycan Microarray

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We provide our customers Glycan Microarray services to investigate binding profiles of potential glycan-binding proteins. In addition, we offer the latest in microarray analysis software to help researchers obtain the most valuable information from the glycan microarrays without spending hours manually interpreting the data.


We provide our customers Lectin Microarray services to analyze glycosylation profiles of interested samples. The services include:

Analysis of glycosylation profiles of proteins, antibodies, cells, and cell lysates
Carbohydrate biomarker discovery and analysis
Comparison of glycosylation pattern differences or alterations
Identification of aberrantly glycosylated cells, proteins, or antibodies


Flow Cytometry

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Flow Cytometry Glycosylation Profiling Services

We provide our customers Flow Cytometry services to analyze glycosylation profiles of interested cell lines or live-cell binding profiles of interested glycan-binding proteins.


Custom Microarrays

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Using our non-contact, multi-channel microarrayer, we can print a variety of biological samples with custom layouts, dimensions, or substrate types. We can provide glass slide substrates suitable for your samples, provide custom substrate coatings, or print directly on client-provided substrates. Clients may request in-house glycans or lectins, samples from vendors, or provide their own. Request a printing quote to start a discussion on how we can best suit your needs.

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  • Positive review for Glycan Microarray:

    October 2017

    "Z-Biotech performed a Glycan array analysis for us. The turnaround time was amazing and the communication with Jian Zhang from Z-Biotech was excellent. The sensitivity and specificity of the Glycan array analysis are astonishing and I appreciate the comprehensive amount of glycans of the array."

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