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Brighton, Massachusetts, US

About Yillustration Studio

Our studio provides unique illustration services for scientific researchers in several cutting-edge disciplines including but not limited to molecular biology, chemical biology, neuron science, planetary science. We introduce art into the scientific kingdom to create journal covers, graphical abstracts, figures for manuscripts, posters, presentations, editorial illustrations, and motions designs in order to concisely convey complex scientific information. You are more than welcome to contact us if you need help with illustrations!

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Illustration, Video, and Graphic Design Services

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I have an MA degree in Illustration and have experience working with scientists. I specialized in scientific visualization including illustrations, diagrams, figures and motion designs based on the concepts or rough sketches that customers provide me.

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Yi Zheng

Scientific illustrator
  • Positive review for Illustration, Video, and Graphic Design Services:

    June 2020

    "Yi has the uncanny ability to take a scientific concept and illustrate it into something even better than I could have imagined. She is also highly professional, timely, and pleasant to work with!"

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