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WuXi AppTec

About WuXi AppTec

Founded: 2000 Type: Public Company

Established in December 2000, WuXi AppTec (NYSE: WX) is a leading global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device outsourcing company with operations in China and the United States. As an innovation-driven and customer-focused company, WuXi AppTec provides a broad and integrated portfolio of services throughout the drug R&D process. Our services are designed to help our worldwide customers shorten the discovery and development time and lower the cost of drug and medical device R&D through cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions.

WuXi AppTec has successfully established a fully integrated services and technology platform during the past decade. The company built its initial capabilities around discovery chemistry and has further enhanced the integrated services with analytical services, bio-analytical services, process research, process development services, API manufacturing services, DMPK/ADME, discovery biology, pharmacology, formulation, toxicology, genomic services, biologics manufacturing services, antibody and biological research reagent manufacturing and sales, and most recently clinical research and regulatory services.

WuXi AppTec has developed from four founders and a single laboratory in December 2000 to over 7,000 employees and 3 million square feet of laboratory and manufacturing space. The company is actively improving its capabilities and capacity through new expansions in its global business. Capitalizing on the great advantage of conducting R&D services both in China and in the U.S., WuXi AppTec is building an alternative R&D engine to serve the global life-science industry.


  • CLIA - China
  • GLP from OECD & EU - China
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 - US
  • ISO 13485:2003 - US
  • FDA (HCT/Ps) - US
  • AATB - US

Standard sample shipment requirements: WuXi AppTec can handle all forms of shipping from standard ground to express overnight and from ambient temperature to dry ice.

Relevant publications:

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