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Virovek, Inc.

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Hayward, California, US

About Virovek, Inc.

Founded: 2006 Type: Privately Held Size: 1-10 employees

Striving for Excellence in Gene Delivery


Virovek specializes in large-scale and custom-made adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector production through our innovative and patented BAC-to-AAV and toxin-based cell ablation technologies. Since 2006, thousands of AAV vectors at 1E+13vg scale or above have been produced to support projects in hundreds of university laboratories, non-profit institutions and industry leaders across the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Our AAV production platform is able to generate 1E+17vg/ml of virus from a single production run. We offer comprehensive services including:

  • Custom AAV production (1E+13 to 1E+17vg/ml)
  • Pre-made AAVs
  • Plasmids, Bacmids, Recombinant Baculovirus
  • Gene cloning service
  • Quality Control Assays

Serotypes (inquire to confirm the latest availabilities):

  • AAV1
  • AAV2
  • AAV2-Retro
  • AAV3A, 3B
  • AAV4
  • AAV5
  • AAV6
  • AAV7
  • AAV8
  • AAV9
  • AAVShH10
  • AAVrh10
  • AAV7m8
  • AAV-DJ
  • AAVphp.b
  • AAVphp.eb
  • AAV10
  • AAV11

Our mission is to provide the highest quality AAV vectors to support basic science research and clinical stage drug development.


Virovek is BSL-2 certified 




Certifications & Qualifications


Our Services (6)


AAV Production

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) production
Price on request

Custom AAV Production in Baculovirus System

All inclusive package customized to your specific serotype, gene and yield needs, ready in as little as 6 weeks, includes:

  • Full cloning service: strategy design, cloning, sequence verification
  • Production service: serotype packaging, processing, purification, and titration

Regular pricing (per construct), based on production scale:

1x10^13 vg: $3,500
2x10^13 vg: $4,950
5x10^13 vg: $13,950
1x10^14 vg: $19,950
2x10^14 vg: $29,950
5x10^14 vg: $59,950
1x10^15 vg: $119,900

Inquire for details on:

  • academic and non-profit discounts
  • other production scales

Optional add-ons:

  • Plasmids: $0.32 each
  • Leftover storage (up to 12 months): $50
  • GLP documentation: $20,000
  • GLP MaxiBacmid DNA banks: $10,000
  • Lysate: 50% of AAV production cost
  • Cell pellet: 50% of AAV production cost
  • Empty capsids: $750
  • Gene cloning: included


Pre-made AAVs


Ready for Immediate shipping. Default titer 2x10^13 vg, each 100ul starting at $295

Inquire for details on:

  • Titer adjustments (prices vary)
  • Different promoter and reporter genes
  • Latest inventory

AAVs in HEK293

From 1x10^12 vg to 2x10^13 vg. Premades ready for Immediate shipping. Custom projects deliver in 2-4 weeks. Various serotypes and expression cassettes available. Starting at $225


Bacmid Preparation

Starting at $695.00 per unit

This DNA product will allow Baculovirus to generate your gene of interest. We will clone your plasmid into our pFB shuttle plasmid, followed by recombinant bacmid DNA generation, before purify for delivery. 

Optional add-ons:

  • Pre-made bacmids: $695
  • Glycerol (preparation of 10 vials of glycerol stocks): $200
  • Large scale purification (yield 0.5-1.0mg): $2,500


Plasmids and Vectors

Price on request

Successfully cloned plasmid into our pFastBac backbone at a volume of 30ug, concentration 4ng/ul, generated by Maxi Prep. Starting at $350

Optional add-ons:

  • Gene cloning: $395
  • pFB: included


Baculovirus Production

Price on request

We use baculovirus to infect Sf9 insect cells as an intermediate step that allows us to produce AAV

Scale of 1E+9 pfu: $1,495
Scale of 1E+10 pfu: $2,950 

Optional add-ons:

Plaque purification: $3,000


Custom Gene Cloning

Starting at $395.00 per unit

We create constructs of AAV packaging to include toxin genes, IRES or P2A sequences, miRNAs, shRNAs, Cre-dependent, and dual promoter expression cassettes.

Single-step cloning strategies:

  • $395
  • Excision of the gene of interest and insertion into the destination plasmid
  • 1-2 weeks


Complex cloning strategies:

  • $250 each additional step
  • Ligation of 3+ pieces of DNA, insertion of fusion proteins or linkers
  • Up to 4 steps



Quality Assurance

Price on request

Quality Control Assays


Choose from the following list, running qPCT Titration and SDS-PAGE for your AAV samples

  • Endotoxin: $275
  • Host Cell Genomic DNA Contamination: $125
  • MOI Optimization: $2,500
  • Bac Plaque Purification: $1,500
  • qPCR Titration (for separate preps): $125
  • SDS-PAGE (for separate preps): $50
  • Qubit Protein Measurement: $200
  • Aggregation (with report): $350
  • Full & Empty (protein & DNA, with report): $400

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