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VCPBIO lab is an affiliate of non-profit Biochemical Institute, and has long been dedicated to supply supports and services for biomedical research at universities, institutes, and pharmaceutical/biotech facilities throughout the world. Focusing on peptide synthesis only ensure that we can always keep our products stable and high quality. We know first how important the quality is and set high standard for scientific excellence. We choose standard stepwise solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) procedures, including both Boc and Fmoc chemical synthesis technique, the current and the best method of peptide synthesis. Every peptide from VCPBIO lab is tested by Mass spectrum and HPLC chromatogram and well-recognized by customers. We can manufacture GMP/cGMPgrade peptides under strict adherence to Good Manufacturering Practices.

Our Advantages:
• A lab focus on custom peptide synthesis only with strong R&D team
• Professional technical service and support team
• Timely and efficient quality control system
• 100% satisfatory guaranteed products

Our Services (3)


Peptide Synthesis

Starting at $72.00 per sample

Our lab focus on peptide synthesis, and always supply high quality products with competitive prices. We can provide both GMP and non-GMP services.

Our Lab Features:

• High quality peptides from mg to kg
• Purity from crude to 99.0% or higher
• 2-3 weeks turnaround time for regular peptides
• A variety of and wide range modifications
• Personalized design in reference to customer's demand
• HPLC and MS report delivered to you with high quality peptides
• All information about custom peptide synthesis projects is absolute confidential

Pricing sample for custom peptide synthesis(a peptide of 10 mg, 6aa):
90%: US$72.00
95%: US$78.00

With diverse manufacturing suites, VCPBIO can produce large scale of peptide APIs. VCPBIO cGMP facilities are designed for large-scale manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug substances for clinical research. Manufacturing under cGMP is performed under strict adherence.

GMP Peptide Technology Platform:

Raw material qualification
Synthetic method development, validation and scale up
Product Purification
GMP/GLP analytic method development and validation
Release specification design and testing
Stability testing (if needed)
GMP packaging
GMP compliance documentation
GMP compliance:

On-going training
In-house Audit
Raw material control
Analytical method validation and documentation
In process control and batch record
Certificate of Analysis for GMP Peptide:
Purity by HPLC
Heavy metal by ICP-MS
Bioburden or microbial tests
Residual organic solvent by GC
Molecular Weight by MS
Amino acid analysis
Water content
Amino acid analysis
Peptide Content (nitrogen estimation)
Counter Ion Content (% TFA) by IC


Chemistry and Materials

Price on request
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Synthetic Chemistry

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