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Discovery starts with measurements. At USFINMRF, we specialize in measuring the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei which make up the molecules that can become the drugs of the future. Measurements based on the magnetic properties of nuclei have been carried out in liquids, solids, gases and living cells. Knowledge about the atomic structure of a given molecule, whether it be a small molecule or macromolecule, is critical to the understanding of how it may interact with other molecules. Therefore structure determination using NMR becomes an important step in the often arduous task of modern drug discovery, - one of the primary missions of the Department of Chemistry, the Center of Drug Discovery and Innovations (CDDI).

The Department of Chemistry at the College of Arts and Sciences, offers NMR spectrometers from low to intermediate fields, and from manual to high-throughput operation modes. These magnet labs support the research of over thirty USF principal investigators from a variety of scientific disciplines, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, natural products, drug discovery, pharmacy, physics and geology.

The CDDI ultra high field magnet lab is equipped with the latest advanced hardware and software for the most demanding bio-NMR (2D, 3D, 4D...) and multi resonance experiments. This magnet lab was designed for structure elucidation and investigation of the dynamics of biologically relevant molecules. Natural products and small molecules also benefit from the higher sensitivity probes and high fields this magnet lab offers when the sensitivity limits at the lower fields are reached.

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Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
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Solution NMR for small, medium, to large size molecules. Bo, field strengths from 9Tesla to 18Tesla. Sample prep, expeditious electronic delivery of your samples' spectra. Processing and online data retrieval.


Imaging & Spectroscopy

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