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About uFluidix

uFluidix is a private company founded in 2010 to commercialize a novel technology for scalable production of micro devices made of silicone (PDMS). Driven by demand, and invested by increasing proceeds from its PDMS lines of service, the company expanded its cleanroom facilities 10x, and added state-of-the art capacity to process thermoplastic materials for micro applications (2011). In addition to providing fabrication services, uFluidix has proven its value as a full service development partner to the creators of micro fluidic solutions. In 2015 uFluidix implemented Quality Management System (QMS) for its contract manufacturing and design services.

  • We pro-actively pursue result-oriented communication with clients.
  • We strive to maintain our reputation for 100% on-time delivery.
  • We assume responsibility and warranty every product or service.

We have acquired niche expertise in development and fabrication of many types of micro-fluid handling systems. No matter how complicated your concept or design is we most likely have processed the same or very similar.


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Microfluidic Device Design and Fabrication

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Very recently, the use of micro systems in applications such as Wearables, Point of Care, Sequencing, Personalized Medicine, and Drug Discovery is accelerated. We see an increasing trend in industry activities toward bringing these solutions to market. Many startups and spin-offs with brilliant intellectual property are appearing. Alternatively, there are promising products being pushed by the established Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry.

We understand how crucial for our clients is to quickly and efficiently fabricate and evaluate their conceptual design so they can move to the next iteration. Our turnaround is often faster that your procurement cycle.


Custom Manufacturing

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If you need tens of micro devices for experimentation, hundreds for trials or validation, or thousands for product launch, uFluidix can help. We use Quality Management System (QMS) to enforce product reliability.

The manufacturing, handling and packaging of devices are performed in our industrial cleanroom facility. All toolings, molds, and fixtures are fabricated in-house for faster turnaround, and protection of client’s IP.


Engineering and Fabrication

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everal years of experience has rewarded uFluidix with knowledge proven to be critical for product development in a wide range of applications. If you are currently conceptualizing, improving, or validating an application from the list below we invite you to a friendly chat with one of our development specialists. We ensure you would hear something from us that is worth the experience.

Point-of-Care Blood/Urine Analysis Cartridges

Complicated Micro Arrays

Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Customized Cell Culture Systems

Opto-electrical Methods

Point-of-Care Biomarker Detection

Pathogen Detection in Human/Animal


Toxicity Measurements in Droplet Samples

Drug Efficacy Monitoring in Tiny Body Fluids

Cell Separation

Benchtop Cell Count Measurement

Fluidic Drug Delivery

Cancer Research via Biomarker or Cell Analysis

In-Vitro Platforms for Stem Cell Research

Selective Methods for Fertility Aid

Microfluidic Systems

Point-of-Care Sequencing Solutions

Portable Forensic Devices.


Fabrication and Materials Processing Services

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uFluidix helps client to choose a material that is most suitable for their application considering factors such as optical, mechanical, physical or chemical properties. It is very important to select a material that is compatible with the fluid and application and yet is suitable for manufacturing.

More information about microfluidic material choice:


Formulation Services

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Manufacturing Services

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