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The Center for Advanced Technology has been offering Illumina/Solexa sequencing for over a decade. We have provided sequencing services starting with the Genome Analyzer (I/II), HiSeq (1500, 2000, 2500, 4000) and NovaSeq. We currently offer individual lane sequencing on the HiSeq 4000(SE50, PE100, PE150), and NovaSeq (S4, PE150). If you have larger sequencing needs and require a whole flow cell, we can run it anyway you want.

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NovaSeq Sequencing

Price on request


NovaSeq SP PE250 lane ~400-500M sets of reads.

One lane of NovaSeq SP 10x single cell ATAC sequencing ~400-500M sets of reads per lane. 50x8x16x49 cycle run.

NovaSeq S4 PE150 lane ~2.5-3B sets of reads

NovaSeq PE150 SP flow cell lane (~400-500M sets of reads)

One lane of NovaSeq S4 - compatible with PE100, 10x scRNA expression, 10x scATAC.


Illumina HiSeq Sequencing

Price on request

Users can submit individual lanes for SE50, PE100, and PE150 runs. We'll do any custom run for whole flow cells. 

Illumina HiSeq 4000

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Eric Chow

Assistant Professor
  • Positive review for NovaSeq Sequencing:

    November 2020

    "Great service and communication"

  • Positive review for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS):

    December 2018

    "UCSF CAT core shared detail methodology for NGS samples preparation and provided reliable sequencing results efficiently. We definitely will keep working with them!"

  • Positive review for Illumina HiSeq Sequencing:

    December 2017

    "UCSF center for advanced technology provide data in good quality"

  • Positive review for RNA Sequencing:

    November 2017

    "UCSF advance center provided efficient work and deliver results in good quality."

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