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About Torreya Insights, LLC

Torreya Insights, LLC is a transaction-enabling, business development firm affiliated with Torreya Partners, LLC that services companies and organizations in the biopharmaceutical industry. Starting in 2012, we have established ourselves as an independent, boutique, life science, client-centric research, data-services and consulting group.

We work on many time-sensitive, short-term business development projects to answer key questions about asset value, positioning, and future market potential. Sometimes we take on a role of an independent, objective advisor, guiding our Clients through peaks and valleys of asset acquisition or out-licensing.

We distinguish ourselves from other consulting firms by the following core competencies:

  • Diverse and experienced team of business development, marketing and consulting professionals
  • Proprietary databases and validated best practice methods
  • Nimble, efficient, custom processes to meet our Clients’ needs and budget

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Business Development, Marketing & Operations

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Torreya Insights uses proprietary databases, validated decision-making algorithms, and nimble, efficient processes to meet our Clients’ needs, expectations, and budget. We have a network of business partners who are available to work with us on select projects. These groups have deal-making, banking, clinical and regulatory expertise and experience.

Asset Search

Our asset and company search capabilities are augmented by our own proprietary databases.

Since 2012, Torreya Insights has worked with many companies to assist in search and evaluation processes.

Our proprietary database, AvaRx, contains more than 2,600 M&A and licensing opportunities. More information is available at www.avarx.com.

Licensing Dynamics, our internal Customer Relationship Management database of more than 30,000 pharmaceutical industry professionals, allows us to rapidly find the right contact to either discover asset owners, or help identify potential partners for asset out-licensing.

Market Assessment

Torreya Insights provides strategic advice supported by primary and secondary market research. Primary research may include in-depth interviews, web surveys, focus groups and face-to-face interviews. Secondary research focuses on scientific literature, financial and analyst reports, drug and trial databases, industry reports and databases.

We start with the business decision, project purpose, scope, and team alignment. We identify data needs for each key assumption in assessing a product’s potential, or when developing a forecast or valuation. We engage in a collaborative process with our clients to ensure an alignment of goals with the approach and methodology.


Our valuation methodology complements and often expands Client’s Business Development resources and processes. We strengthen valuation through benchmarking networks, broader database access, and expanded methodology. We provide fairness opinion white papers for those clients who require an objective, independent assessment of the present and future monetary and market value of an asset or asset portfolio.

We undertake three approaches to financial valuation: discounted cash flow, comparable transactions, and comparable public companies.

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