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Taconic Biosciences has been leading the market for more than 60 years with our range of animal models for research purposes. In all these years, we have pursued a single goal: to improve the health, and thus the quality of life, of humans by providing the best and most reliable mouse and rat models for life science researchers. Why? Because better models are more meaningful and more reliable, and of course, this leads to a better understanding of diseases and their treatment. **Taconic Biosciences location in Cologne, Germany** At our location in Cologne, we help our clients, using the latest technologies, to develop exactly the animal models they need for their studies and to advance their research and development work.

Certifications & Qualifications


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Immunodeficient Animal Models

Price on request

Mice with a transplanted immune system NOG portfolio

NOG mice


Genotyping and Gene Expression Assays

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Inherent to breeding genetically modified mice and rats there is the need for regular genotyping. Accuracy, speed and access to your genotyping data are paramount to proper management of your studies. Through an exclusive distributorship with Transnetyx, Inc., your contract breeding project has access to all the services and advantages that Transnetyx offers. Taconic also offers conventional genotyping assay design and optimization services, zygosity and transgene copy analysis.

Types of assays available:

  • Conventional PCR with qualitative data read-out by agarose gel or capillary electrophoresis
  • Real-time PCR assay with qualitative data read-out


  • Appropriate for discerning wild-type from hemizygous transgenic animals with randomly inserted transgene
  • Appropriate for discerning wild-type, heterozygous and homozygous alleles with gene-targeted modifications


Custom Animal Models

Price on request

Taconic Biosciences has the unique capability of combining the most experienced model generation team with a total comprehensive gene modification toolkit to provide customers the best solution to progress their program forward.

Model Acquisition -Repository -Embryology -Custom Generation

Transition Mutant to Model

  • Pilot Cohorts -Proof of Concept -Phenotype -Characterization -Speed to Cohort and Data -Creative Solutions

Scaled Breeding -Multiple Health Profiles -Economical Options -Managed Productions Colonies -Reliable Delivery -Reproducibility from Cohort to Cohort -Flexible Breeding Plans

Specialized Services -Microbiome -Backcrossing/ Speed Congeneics -Fecal Microbiota Transplantation -Custom Diets -Transgene Mapping

Distribution -Move to a Respository -Market the model -Distribute the model -License the model


Rodent Rederivation

Price on request

Whether you require a simple reset of the health status or an accelerated build of your breeding colony, Taconic offers a derivation service to meet your needs. We understand that a successful research pipeline demands a balance of speed, price and quality. When your need for mice is critical, the time required to naturally expand a breeding colony to generate study cohorts often presents the greatest challenge. Taconic can employ in vitro fertilization and large scale embryo transfer methodologies to rapidly expand your colony to hundreds of animals with the same week of birth. These services allow you to move from donor animal to full production breeding within a matter of weeks. If you need to import animals but the health status is unacceptable, Taconic offers several options to "reset" the health status and produce a cohort that meets the health requirements of your facility.


SNP Genotyping Data Analysis

Single nucelotide polymorphism genotyping data analysis
Price on request

Mouse 1449 SNP Panel Panel of 1,449 SNP markers selected to maximize genetic information across 15 inbred strains Ideal for background characterization of most commonly use mouse strains.

  • 129S6/SvEvTac
  • BALB/cAnNTac
  • BALB/JBomTac
  • BALB/ABomTac
  • C3H/HeNTac
  • C57BL/6NTac
  • C57BL/6JBomTac
  • CB17SC
  • DBA/1JBomTac
  • DBA/2NTac
  • FVB/NTac
  • NOD/MrkTac
  • NOG
  • SJL/JCrNTac Suitable for accelerated backcrossing or Speed Congenics

Mouse GenMon Panel Panel of 96 SNP Markers suitable for quality control monitoring of the genetic background of inbred strains or lines to detect undesired genetic contamination or to assess genetic variability in some outbred stocks of mice Not suitable for accelerated backcrossing or Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) analysis

Mouse B6 SNP Panel Panel of 96 SNP markers selected to differentiate C57BL/6 sub-strains Ideal to differentiate C57BL/6N from C57BL/6J need at least 99.9% in C57BL/6 background. If in doubt it is better to do first the 1449 SNP Panel and verify that it really is in a C57BL/6 background

Rat GenMon Panel Panel of 96 SNP markers suitable for routine quality control of inbred rat strains or for assessing genetic variability in certain outbred rat stocks Not suitable for accelerated backcrossing or Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) analysis



Price on request

With cryopreservation you can maintain your research materials over the long term without having to maintain an active colony. Ensure the safety of your valuable research models and avoid genetic drift within your line. Free up valuable breeding space by cryopreserving lines not currently in use. Simplify collaboration by sharing cryopreserved stock and avoid the transportation and quarantine issues associated with live animals. Extend the reproductive life of your colony and decrease the risk of disease transmission.

Embryo cryopreservation Sperm cryopreservation


SJL Mouse Model

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


FVB Mouse Model

Price on request

FVB inbred mice (FVB/NTac) are ideal for generating transgenic mouse models, with prominent pronuclei for transgene microinjection and high reproductive performance.

  • Pronuclei of embryos are easily manipulated for microinjection
  • Inbred mouse strain with high reproductive performance
  • Females demonstrate excellent nurturing behavior
  • Males tend to fight when group housed


CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

Price on request

Taconic offers a comprehensive CRISPR package by providing customers with a full suite of services.

  • Off-Target Prediction
  • Characterization of Founder Mosaicism
  • Custom Charters for Each Project
  • Seamless Transition into Colony Management
  • Rapid Expansion Downstream Breeding Strategies


Rodent Breeding

Price on request

Outsourcing allows our clients to focus on their research and trust that the models they need are generated, bred, prepared and delivered efficiently.

You've got the right mouse or rat for your study, now you need to generate cohorts to perform your study. Taconic Biosciences' GEMs Management team is ready to make that happen. Combining decades of animal husbandry and veterinary experience with access to the latest technologies and practices, our team delivers animals ready for your research.

Mouse Rat


Project Management

Price on request

Outsourcing allows our clients to focus on their research and trust that the models they need are generated, bred, prepared and delivered efficiently.

Project plans are developed collaboratively; our scientific experts work together with you to ensure your project needs are met with budgets, timelines, health status, and cohort numbers optimized. In this process we will balance speed, quality, and price based on your preferences or project demands. A charter will be developed that includes methods and tools that will be used, deliverables, timelines, risks, budget and contact information.

Scientific Program Managers Project Managers Scientific Compliance Production


GEM Colony Care

Genetically Engineered Mouse Colony Care
Price on request

project management
Breeding and cohort delivery
Molecular analyzes

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