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Taconic Biosciences has been a leading provider of research models for over 65 years. Through all six decades, we've had a singular mission—to accelerate advancements in human health by providing our customers with the best animal model solutions. Why? Because combining the best performing models, exclusive technology, industry-leading expertise, and customized programs lead to greater insights into diseases and their treatments.

Providing the best solution also means fewer animals are needed to get to biological insight. That's right; we're a research model provider, but we support the research community's efforts to reduce animal use. Taconic embraces a high ethical standard for animal use in research, and ensures that animals in our facilities receive the highest levels of care and compassion.

The most important part of our company is you, the customer. This is because we view clients as partners in our mission of improving health. Through dedicated teams of scientific and project management professionals, we work with clients to design and execute the project plan to drive critical research forward.

Working together we can c

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