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About StemCultures

StemCultures is dedicated to bringing basic research discovery to application in order to fundamentally meet the needs of the scientific community within life sciences. At its core, StemCultures was founded by scientists, is operated by researchers and thrives on the recognition and translation of innovative research.

StemCultures supports world-class scientific research being performed only at the highest level, creating products that are innovative, robust and practical. StemCultures aspires to be a catalyst within the life science industry to impact both basic and translational research and to support novel scientific advancements.

The products sold through StemCultures are licensed from research labs at the Neural Stem Cell Institute (NSCI). Utilizing the NeuraCell Shared Research facility that provides stem cell expertise and contract research opportunities, StemCultures’ products are developed and tested by scientists who understand the complexity of these cells, and the importance of high quality reagents. Researchers at NSCI have over 20 years of stem cell biological experience, including the lab of Dr. Sally Temple, a pioneer credited with discovering stem like cells in the brain in 1989.

Every product sold by our company is used by our own researchers for their work. Our philosophy is to cater our products individually to each laboratory and/or company to ensure your products are always the same, and consistent. We know you have many choices for your stem cell reagents, give us a try, we will not let you down.

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Custom Controlled Release Growth Factors

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By now, you may have heard about a product sold by StemCultures called StemBeads FGF2. StemBeads FGF2 is an innovative reagent created to help keep the culture environment more stable by encapsulating growth factors and releasing them at a constant level over time. It has been known for some time, that growth factors are unstable, and our product was the first to fix this instability thus offering researchers some unique benefits:

  1. Time Savings – with StemBeads you change media less
  • Money Savings – same idea, with StemBeads you change media less, so you buy less of it
  • Better Cultures – when the growth factor levels are constant, the cells are better and more homogeneous
  • Flexibility – no need to change to a new media to get weekends off, just add StemBeads FGF2 to your current media of choice

StemCultures offers development of custom StemBeads to suit your growth factor needs.


Cells and Tissues

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Cell Culture Media and Reagents

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