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Stem Genomics provides specific services to assess the genetic integrity of stem cells. We propose a new test that allows detecting more than 90% of recurrent genomic abnormalities in pluripotent stem cells, the most worrying ones. The iCS-digital test (in Culture Supernatant-digital PCR test) is a rapid, sensitive, high-resolution, simple to interpret and cost-effective assay for the routine testing of your stem cells in culture. This new test is particularly suitable for screening genetically stable clones, for instance patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell clones after reprogramming or after CRISPR-based editing. Stem Genomics develops a technology invented by Prof John De Vos and Dr Said Assou, researchers at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Biotherapy (IRMB), University of Montpellier, and co-founders of the company. Located at the heart of the University Hospital Centre of Montpellier, IRMB houses research groups working on basic stem cell research and on innovative applications for regenerative therapy, with the aim of facilitating the transfer from research to clinical applications. Stem Genomics is located at the IRMB Cyborg business incubator and works in close collaboration with IRMB researchers. Stem Genomics has emerged from a prestigious scientific environment. Details: Nicolas Chapal President and CEO Stem Genomics SAS Mob +33 6 42 11 24 24 Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy Hopital Saint Eloi 80 avenue Augustin Fliche 34090 Montpellier France

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Stem Cell Analysis and Characterization

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The in Culture Supernatant-digital PCR Pluri (iCS-digital Pluri) test detects more than 90% of recurrent genomic abnormalities in human pluripotent stem cells (PSC), i.e. human embryonic stem cells (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). See:

The in Culture Supernatant-digital PCR Aneuploidy (iCS-digital Aneuploidy) test detects whole chromosome gains & losses in all chromosomes (22 autosome pairs and X and Y chromosomes) and in any human cell type. See:

Taking advantage on its own experience and skills, Stem Genomics can also design and run customized assays to meet your specific requirement.

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    "Yes, certainly. Fast and efficient service. Best regards Klaus"

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