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About Spectralys Biotech

Spectralys Biotech is analytical CRO with scientific expertise in FTIR spectroscopy applied to biomolecules

Thanks to our strong academic background and our team of highly skilled scientists, we provide cutting edge services to speed up the development and manufacturing process of (bio)pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. 

Unlike conventional analytical method, FTIR delivers unique benefits:

  • Robust and unique fingerprint of your sample: sensible to the slightest variation.  
  • Fast analysis: results delivered in a couple of minutes only, 
  • User-friendly and direct technique: no need for extensive sample pre-treatment, physical separation or recurring calibration
  • Care for the preservation of your precious samples: 50μg is sufficient 
  • Multimodal information of critical quality attributes: structural integrity, composition and quantification of post-translational modifications, total protein concentration, quantification of key excipients.


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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
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We offer analytical services for all biomolecules based on our expertise in FTIR spectroscopy. For therapeutic proteins, we can assess the following parameters:

  • Higher order structure  (HOS) – including aggregation
  • Post-translational modifications (PTMs): quantification of glycosylation and phosphorylation patterns
  • Quantification of key excipients such as buffer components (Tween), residual solvents, stabilizing agents, antifoam agents (PPG, PEG, silicone oil) or lipids
  • Absolute protein concentration

These parameters can be monitored simultaneously in a precise, quick and direct manner (a couple of minutes), with limited sample volume (<50µg) and without need for separation methods or extensive sample pre-treatment.

We can perform the analyses at our lab and record the results in a structured report or calibrate and transfer the method to your production site, ensuring real-time in-process information about key characteristics of the produced therapeutic proteins.


Structure Determination

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Secondary structure prediction, amyloid proteins and hydrogen/deuterium exchange


Chemical Stability Testing

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Glycosylation Analysis

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Lipid Analysis

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Allison Derenne

Scientist and General Manager

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