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SB-PEPTIDE - Express synthesis

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About SB-PEPTIDE - Express synthesis

SB-PEPTIDE is a French company specialized in custom peptide synthesis, peptide engineering and peptide analysis. Peptides are 100% made in France in the company facilities located in the Grenoble area. SB-PEPTIDE is a subdivisary of the worldwide renowned company Smartox Biotechnology for its expertise in animal venom research. Smartox Biotechnology offers compound libraries for screening, analytical services and synthetic peptide toxins in more than 40 countries to pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research laboratories. Smartox Biotechnology has developed an extensive expertise in peptide synthesis, engineering and analysis which is now accessible through SB-PEPTIDE to every scientist requiring peptide services.

SB-PEPTIDE offers quality, flexible and reliable services, focused on the satisfaction of our clients. Peptide synthesis services from the Smartox group have been cited in various scientific publications and patents. SB-PEPTIDE supplies public, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories, agroscience & cosmetic companies as well as CRO in antibody production for example. The company has already successfully synthesized peptides with up to 65 amino acids in acceptable quantity and purity, with up to 5 disulfide bridges, performed double labeling…

10 days express synthesis: get your peptides shipped within 10 business days (option not invoiced in case of delay).

Recent Publications

  • Virologica Sinica (2021) Human Endogenous Retrovirus Type W Envelope from Multiple Sclerosis Demyelinating Lesions Shows Unique Solubility and Antigenic Characteristics
  • bioRxiv (2020) Restoring Glutamate receptosome dynamics at synapses rescues Autism-like deficits in Shank3-deficient mice

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Peptide Synthesis

Price on request

Simple and complex peptide synthesis - Express service - Made in France

10 days express service

SB-PEPTIDE offers a 10 days express service. An additional fee is required for this service. In case of delay, the amount of the express option is not invoiced. Once ready, peptides are shipped and delivered the day after in Europe and generally within 48-72 in the USA.

From 2 to > 120 Amino Acids

SB-PEPTIDE has the expertise to synthesize peptides from 2 to 120 amino acids inclunding complex sequences in effective quantity and quality.

Up to > 99% purity rate

SB-PEPTIDE offers various purity rates:

  • Desalted: not purified peptides but synthesis reagents are removed. Purity and mass are controlled
  • 80%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 80%

  • 90%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 90%

  • 95%: peptides are purified and the minimal purity guaranteed is 95%

  • Ultra-pure peptides: SB-PEPTIDE can supply peptides with a purity rate >99% determined on an ultra high resolutive 2.6µ column. This approach ensures a ultra high accurate peptide purity.

To define which peptide purity you need, please visit the section how to choose the peptide purity grade

From mg to g quantities

SB-PEPTIDE offers laboratory research peptide synthesis scale, from milligram up to gram.
Typical quantities offered by SB-PEPTIDE are: 

  • 1 mg
  • 10 mg
  • 50 mg
  • Others upon request

Quantification of delivered peptides are given as Net Peptide Content (NPC) >90% rather than gross weight generally offered.

During the peptide synthesis process, peptides are in contact with TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) which form salts and can rapidly take an important part of the final gross weight. Atmospheric water also increase the gross weight of the peptide. Our quantification methods give us a good estimation of the peptide material quantity rather than a gross weight.

NPC >90% means that the given quantity contains more than 90% peptide material.

We do not sale salts, we sale peptide!

Solubility test included

SB-PEPTIDE tests the solubility of delivered peptides and describes the recommended condition in each certificate of analysis. This is included in the price !


Our peptides are 100% produced in-house. Client's data are not shared with any subcontractors.

Peptide Catalog

SB-PEPTIDE is developing a catalog of peptides, including histone peptides, defensin, CPP, AMP, enzyme substrates, RGD peptides, hormones, gel forming peptides, amyloid peptide, etc. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific peptide.


Peptide Modification

Price on request

Affinity tag

Poly-His tag - Biotin - LPETG sequence - Maleimide - Others upon request

Peptide fluorescent labeling

FAM - TAMRA - Cyanines - ATTO dyes - Alexa dyes - Various positions can be labeled

Stable isotope labelling peptide service

Example: 12C can be replaced by 13C - 14N by 15N - 1H by 2H

Immunogenic peptide production
Carrier conjugation: KLH, BSA, OVA - Multiple Antigenic Peptides – Dendrimer conjugated peptides – Peptide mixtures

Folding & cyclization
Peptide cyclization : Disulfide bridges – Head-to-tail cyclization – amide bonds – thio-etherbonds


Peptide Libraries

Price on request

Peptide library synthesis

Peptide library synthesis aims synthesizing hundreds of peptides in small quantities. SB-PEPTIDE synthesizes peptides 96 per 96 in parallel whom can be delivered in various formats such as 96 well plates or microtubes. Peptides are delivered in quantities from 1 to 5 mg, unquantified and unpurified (crude desalted) which means that a minimal purity rate can not be guaranteed (read more about impurities in peptide synthesis). Moreover, contrary to individual peptide synthesis, every peptides in a library are synthesized with the same method, so no optimisation are possible.

For example

You might be interested in our SARS-CoV-2 peptide libraries. The libraries are synthesized by deviding viral proteins in peptides of 15 amino acid length with an overlap of 11 amino acids. SB-PEPTIDE offers also N-biotinylates libraries and offers as a complement of its Spike (S) peptide library an additional plate containing only peptides with Spike S protein mutations from UK, South Africa and Brazil COVID-19 variants.



Price on request

Amino acid sequencing

SB-PEPTIDE has a strong expertise in peptide de-novo sequencing and can help you in obtaining your sequence in a short lead time. Methods: EDMAN degradation and MS/MS.

Disulfide bridges determination

SB-PEPTIDE offers its expertise to determine disulfide bridges pattern of peptides. This expertise can be useful to study the structure of a natural peptide as well as to control the folding of a peptide.

Peptide & protein purification

SB-PEPTIDE offers its expertise to purify your peptides from various sources such as a synthetic peptide, labeled peptide, highly hydrophobic peptides or to isolate peptide from a mixture of natural origin.

Methods: HPLC systems including reverse-phase, ion exchange and size exclusion.

Peptide detection in a mixture
SB-PEPTIDE offers to, isolate, detect and characterize the presence of a target peptide or protein in a complex mixture.

Methods: RP-HPLC, SEC, IEX-HPLC combined to MS/Edman/NMR technics.

Peptide quantification

SB-PEPTIDE offers to determine precisely the quantity of your peptides. Various methods can be used for quantifying peptides such as measurement at 280 nm in solution when applicable, weighing peptide as powder or amino acid analysis method.

Mass spectrometry

SB-PEPTIDE offers mass spectrometry analysis services dedicated to peptides and proteins. SB-PEPTIDE employs last generation of ESI-LCMS and MALDI-TOF systems that deliver accurate and reliable results for all kind of peptides/proteins. SB-PEPTIDE can manage the preparation of samples (desalting…).

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy of peptides

SB-PEPTIDE offers the determination of the three dimensional structure of peptides thanks to NMR.

Additional peptide analytical services

- Circular dichroism of peptides allows to determine the percentage of alpha-helix, beta-sheets and randomn structures.

- Eniantiomeric purity determination


Synthetic Chemistry

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.


Chemistry and Materials

Price on request
Request a quote for more information about this service.

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