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About SciGenom

SciGenom Labs is a Genomics R & D Services company, with a state-of-the-art research laboratory in Cochin, India and is a premier provider of genomic sequencing and bioinformatics services to life science and healthcare businesses globally as well as institutions across India. SciGenom is currently broadening its services portfolio in the areas of molecular DNA cloning; and in antibody engineering using high-quality phage display libraries. Our team of trained scientists ensures in providing the services with guaranteed sequence accuracy, short turnaround time and cost-effective prices. SciGenom’s molecular cloning services include cloning genes from genomic DNA templates or cDNA libraries, cloning of fusion gene constructs with gibson or seamless DNA assembly techniques, and site directed mutagenesis. SciGenom has setup a high-throughput platform for developing a portfolio of high quality monoclonal antibodies using a combination of phage display technology and synthetic protein engineering approaches. This enables us to generate cross-species-reactive antibodies with high binding affinity, improved specificity, and ideal for applications such as FACS, IF, IP and ELISA.

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Molecular Cloning

Starting at $220.00 per clone

SciGenom provides the following range of cloning services:

Traditional cloning of inserts by PCR and digestion, ligation.

DNA sub-cloning from entry to destination vector.

Fusion genes cloning using seamless or gibson DNA assembly techniques.

Knock-out / Knock-in Vector constructs for CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing.

Plasmid DNA preparation: Miniprep (10μg-30μg), Maxiprep (700μg-1.5mg).


Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Starting at $240.00 per mutation

Introduce desired sequence changes such as single / multiple point mutations, insertions, deletions and substitutions in the gene of your interest.


Bacterial Protein Expression

Price on request

Cloning in E.coli expression vectors: 

Create customised constructs, choosing from the varied promoter types (T7, Tac) and fusion tags (His, GST, MBP); and get target genes cloned in these vectors.


Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Production

Price on request

SciGenom offers production of high-affinity monoclonal reagent-grade Fabs and full-length IgGs for use in basic and clinical research labs. It uses licensed proprietary phage display libraries to generate synthetic Fabs/IgGs. The diversity of peptides displayed in the library is >10^10, which guarantees high affinity Fabs against antigens from any source.

  • Purified Ag protein (5mg/ml) can be supplied by customer against which Fab can be generated. Alternatively, customer can use our protein production pipeline to generate the antigen for screening.
  • Customer has the option to select Fabs or full-length IgGs, based on their requirement.
  • Option of getting the Ag-Fab or Ag-IgG validation assay optimizedis available with us
  • Customer can choose Fc region of IgG (human/mouse/rat/goat/others (specify), depending on their application.
  • Customer has the ability to opt for any special detection tags on the Fabs/IgGs.
  • SciGenom Fabs/IgGs work best for FACS/IF/IP and ELISA and worth testing for WB and IHC.

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