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About sci.ai

sci.AI is a free platform that “understands” research papers and “explains” them to analytics and search algorithms. It takes biomedical research in plain text and produces semanticized, machine-readable versions.

The current time-to-market in biomedical innovations is too long. Through the use of relevant algorithms and a global knowledge graph, our goal is to make scientific innovation at least 2x faster.

We believe that timing is vital. The 9.9 millions people diagnosed with dementia in 20151 don’t yet feel better, even when 12.8 k papers mentioning dementia appeared in Pubmed alone2 the same year. A single scientist can’t read them all, extract relevant knowledge and apply it to their own research. This is where text mining algorithms will help.

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Literature Review/Curation

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Inferencing new knowledge from biomedical literature, lab and trial protocols with the help of AI methods.


Text Mining

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Roman Gurinovich

Software Developer

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