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SCANCO Medical has been a pioneer in the field of high-resolution computed tomography for more than two decades. Starting with the first installation in Switzerland in 1988 we now have systems for medical and industrial applications operating on six continents.

We offer a wide range of microCT scanners for specimen and preclinical as well as clinical use. These systems are supplied with high-end computing equipment and sophisticated analysis and visualization software to provide the most comprehensive and industry-leading imaging solutions.

SCANCO Medical also offers scanning, analysis and consulting services for a wide range of applications.

SCANCO Medical scanners are used on many of the most prominent universities and research institutions world wide.

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X-ray microtomography
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SCANCO Medical's state-of-the-art microCT systems are designed to meet the demands of your 3D imaging and analysis studies. These systems deliver best possible image quality with high signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution to support accurate, reproducible quantitative 3D analysis.

Our systems are supplied with our comprehensive software suite and customized computing systems to provide a complete integrated solution tailored to your imaging requirements.

Scan service offers customers the opportunity to profit from SCANCO Medical's wealth of experience in high-resolution scanning and 3D analysis.

To take advantage of scan service, contact us describing your samples and analysis requirements. Please include details about sample material, size and special handling requirements. We will provide a detailed estimate of time required and associated cost for the study, which depend on desired image resolution and volume to be scanned.

After acceptance of these conditions, you can send us your specimens. These will be returned along with images and 3D analysis results upon completion of the study.

We are able to scan specimens with sizes ranging from mouse vertebra to human femur. In addition to biological samples, we are also happy to scan a wide range of materials, such as building materials, ceramics, synthetics, wood, as well as geological samples, medical implants and foodstuffs.

In addition to scanning using one of our ┬ÁCT specimen scanners, we now offer scan service using Synchroton radiation. Synchrotron radiation allows extremely high resolution (down to 370 nm) and favorable beam hardening characteristics for dense materials. Please e-mail us if you would like more details about this service

We are also keen to collaborate in large-scale preclinical and clinical studies. If you require a technical partner for your project, please contact us for more details.


Image Analysis

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SCANCO also offers enhanced specialized preclinical imaging and analysis services. We deliver a high-level of client support with frequent study updates, on-time study performance, and customized study designs for a wide variety of Biomedical Applications (musculoskeletal, soft tissue, vascular, dental, and material sciences).

  • General image processing - imaging file format conversion, data reorienting, cropping, filtering, resampling, etc.
  • 3D renderings and visualizations
  • Linear and volumetric measurements
  • Bone morphometric analysis
  • Segmentation and analysis of organs and other features of interest
  • Registration of multi-modal datasets
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Analysis of microCT, MRI, histology, ECG data


Data Services

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Imaging & Spectroscopy

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Tomography Services

Computed tomography services
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Computational Modeling

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Neha Shah

Director, Imaging Services
  • Positive review for microCT:

    September 2017

    "I was very satisfied with the excellent work of SCANCO. The quality of the job (micro CT) and the time for getting the results was just perfect. I strongly recommend the micro CT services of SCANCO."

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