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About RMI Laboratories LLC

RMI Laboratories was founded in 2008 as a contract research organization whose goal is to enhance the drug discovery and development efforts of our clients by providing quality analytical services. RMI was founded by a leading team of professionals from the US pharmaceutical and contract services industries, and was started in response to the growing demand for high quality ADME services from small drug discovery companies without a state-of-the-art in-house bioanalytical facility.

Our mission is to be a leader in providing quality analytical services in the drug discovery and development arena by collaborating with our customers thus delivering the best solutions to their specific needs.

RMI’s approach is to provide data of the highest quality, rapidly and at a competitive price point.

Our facility is licensed by the DEA to handle scheduled drug substances and by the Pennsylvania DEP to handle 3H and 14C labeled material.

RMI Laboratories utilizes state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and ancillary instrumentation to support the services we provide.

Our management team has jointly 50+ years of mass spectrometry based experience in support of drug discovery and development. With almost 30 years’ experience in DMPK projects, we understand the challenges facing our clients in the work they conduct and are ideally suited to provide a high quality, rapid and cost effective source for discovery ADME/DMPK support.

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In vitro Metabolic Stability Assays

Starting at $250.00 per test

RMI Laboratories offers routine metabolic stability testing services in either microsomes or S9. We utilize the Waters Xevo G2-XS accurate mass system to support these assays enabling rapid turnaround. The data provided (an Excell file) includes the graph of % drug remaining, t1/2 and CLint.

Pricing is for 1 compound in 1 species as part of a group of 5 compounds in 2 species.

Since the data obtained in the stability assay described above is acquired in full scan accurate mass mode, we are able to process that data to afford a preview of the metabolites present in the sample. This means we are able to offer combination assays where both quantitation of the target analyte and identification of the metabolites formed is accomplished in a tiered manner. This combination assayss (MSI Combo™) offers a faster, more cost effective solution to routine discovery assays.

Metabolite preview 200.00 USD
Metabolite soft-spot 600.00 USD

Accurate Mass MS Waters UPLC


Metabolite Profiling

Starting at $1,000.00 per test

Metabolite soft-spot studies. These are an essential element in early drug discovery and aid medicinal chemistry in addressing the metabolic stability liabilities of compounds. The data identifies the structural moiety(s) responsible for metabolic turnover. A PowerPoint report summarizes the data.

Price is for 1 compound in 1 species of microsome.

Accurate Mass MS Waters UPLC MetaboLynx

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