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Byron, California, US

About Quality Scales Unlimited

Founded: 1981 Type: Privately Held Size: 11-50 employees

Quality Scales Unlimited, a California Corporation, services over 50 different types of industries in California and Nevada. Many of our technicians have been solving weighing and measuring problems for over 15 years and most of our technicians have at least 5 years of experience. Our 17 service technicians all have unique scale knowledge and hands-on problem solving skills in a bevy of diverse industries and scale types. We have technicians with expertise in small lab and food service scales and others specializing in heavy capacity truck, rail, and floor scales.

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Calibration Services

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Scales can become out of calibration for a variety of reasons including wear and tear on components, environmental changes, buildup under the scale and more. The problem with a scale out of calibration is someone always loses. In commercial transactions, either the seller is giving away free product or the buyer is paying for product he or she did not receive. Scale calibration is one of the core services provided by Quality Scales Unlimited. Our technicians can calibrate any manufacturer or capacity of electronic or mechanical scale. Our technicians use certified known weights, traceable to NIST to calibrate. After weight testing and calibration, we create Certificates of Calibration. We can customize calibration certificates to meet your business needs. Contact our service department for more information or a sample of our Certificates of Calibration.


Equipment Maintenance and Support

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Kevin Hill

Fiel Service Technician

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