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About Provid Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Provid bridges the gap between basic research and drug discovery through our expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug development. For our clients in the life sciences, in drug discovery collaborations, and in our internal pipeline we focus on invention—creating value through the discovery of novel drug candidates. We recognize the critical issues facing the industry and offer our comprehensive experience to support all aspects of drug discovery.


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IND-Enabling Studies

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Drug Discovery & Development

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Provid’s expertise encompasses the full range of medicinal chemistry, including design, SAR, lead generation and lead optimization. We work collaboratively with our clients to support their goals and objectives.

With our team, Provid has extended capabilities in all aspects of drug development:

Provid Expert Medicinal Chemistry

Core competencies and capabilities in drug discovery

  • All aspects of medicinal and synthetic chemistry
  • All aspects of medicinal and synthetic chemistry
  • Rational and structure-based drug design
  • Hypothesis-driven R&D
  • Small molecules, peptides and peptide mimetics
  • Prodrugs, drug targeting and transport
  • Multiple target classes and therapeutic areas

Provid Expert Preclinical Development

Capabilities and project management toward IND

  • Formulation, DMPK, ADME/Tox
  • IND-enabling studies
  • Manufacturing scale-up
  • Global IND preparation and submission


Medicinal Chemistry

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Provid's expert medicinal chemistry supports organizations ranging from start-ups and virtual companies to large pharma as well as government labs and academic groups.

Expert medicinal chemistry utilizes all the technical tools of synthetic and medicinal chemistry coupled with drug design, biostructural data and structure-activity results. These tools are integrated with insight from experience on how drugs are discovered.

In contrast to "custom synthesis" companies that produce compound libraries or simple analogs around a scaffold, expert medicinal chemistry focuses on outcome and objectives. A small number of well-designed, information-rich compounds is much more valuable than large numbers of simple compounds that can be made in parallel, but have low information content. Provid applies this hypothesis-driven model to transform the biological discoveries made by our customers into commercial opportunities.

This has been a very productive model. Since 2005, 8 client projects have advanced from discovery to development, and 3 of these have entered clinical trials.

Expert medicinal chemistry also exploits and integrates all the information available on a target and compound class (assays, biostructural data, related compounds and their potential 'on-" and "off-target" activities, as well as physical and ADME properties).


Project Management

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In addition to Provid's core expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, with our team we offer comprehensive preclinical development, as well as clinical drug development management capabilities. This capability is implemented by our network of key opinion leaders and laboratories that support client projects from preclinical drug candidate selection through NDA approval.

Discovery Project Management

  • Effective management of project from planning through all stages of execution
  • Projects operated as scientific collaborations with intellectual input from both Provid and the client
  • Experienced, senior staff members as team leaders
  • Senior management at Provid involved in each project
  • Real-time communication with client
  • Provid assistance in managing alliance partners and third parties

Drug Development

  • Preclinical IND-enabling development
  • Project management


Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization

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Process Consulting

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Drug Discovery

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Lead Identification and Validation

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