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About Pitlik Consulting Group

At Pitlik Consulting Group, we believe that greatness can be achieved when leaders and employees come together with the desire – and skills – to take significant leaps forward.

We help companies break through barriers and accelerate the pace at which positive change can take place to significantly improve performance and drive productivity throughout your organization.

Because every company’s challenges are unique, we tailor our approach to fit your organization’s specific needs, and are capable of serving as catalyst, counselor, coach, trainer or facilitator. We immerse ourselves in the issues your company faces -- getting to know your people and your business in the process -- and serve you with an approach that best supports your company’s growth.

Looking at your organization as a whole, Pitlik Consulting Group partners with you to take actions that accelerate the pace at which positive change can take place. Our commitment is to bring out the best in your people and your organization.

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Presentation Skills Training

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The world opens up to you when you better present yourself and your ideas.

Your ability to lead, sell and persuade colleagues and clients is greatly enhanced when you’re able to present yourself in a convincing and credible way.

Being able to take command of a room is a learned skill – and one your people should master. Whether standing in front of a boardroom full of people, leading a round table discussion, speaking at an industry conference, or pitching new business, the strength of your presentation skills and ability to make a connection with those around you is fundamental to success. It can’t be ignored.

This highly-interactive presentation training program produces immediate and impressive results. We do this by creating a safe environment for participants to boldly try new behaviors while working on skill development and practicing presentations. Participants receive support, encouragement and expert coaching – often with videotape feedback.

Our presentation workshops can be tailored for the most senior executives and also customized appropriately to middle-level and junior staff.

Participants in this program will:

  • Dramatically improve their ability to present information with confidence and poise
  • Learn how to tell a better story
  • Improve clarity and brevity of their message
  • Enhance their ability to read and connect with various audiences
  • Reduce the nervousness experienced when in front of a group
  • Improve existing client presentations and raise perceived credibility
  • Leverage “hot starts” to create lasting, positive impressions
  • Effectively use their hands, eyes and body to animate their message
  • Create chemistry with the audience
  • Draw out interaction in a natural and effective way
  • Perfect business presentations and new business pitches
  • Understand what’s needed to keep improving for future development


Educational Services

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Educational Services

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