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Physiological Proteomics Core Facility

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

About Physiological Proteomics Core Facility

This facility enables researchers to identify and quantify proteins in simple or complex samples and characterize protein post-translational modifications or conjugates. Combining a new mass spectrometry-based analytical platform, IdentiQuantXL™, large format/high throughput gel-based proteomics, and experienced proteomic researchers, the PPCF provides unique approaches to biomarker discovery in health and disease, equipment and software for 1D or 2D gel analyses, Western blotting, high throughput differential expression proteomics with LC-MS/MS, identification/characterization of peptide and protein modifications, MS/MS of purified peptides and proteins, protein identification via LC-MS/MS of gel-plug or solution tryptic digests, targeted analyses of specific molecules with selected reaction monitoring (SRM), and proteomics methods development, consultation, and bioinformatic analysis of complicated results.

We provide the following state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based proteomics services:

Protein Identification
Protein Quantification
Differential Protein Expression Analysis
Protein Post-translational Modification Analysis
Bioinformatics and Pathway Analysis
Biomarker Discovery

Please note, a set up fee is applied when the number of samples is less than 10.

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